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  1. I want to hear about some of your close calls, either with parents, school, or, most often in my case, the cops.

    I'll start us off.

    One time I was sitting at a park in my ride smoking with a friend of mine some dank to try and come down some from the meth I had been smoking. Its around 4:30 and the park closes at dusk. We're sitting there and my friend is arguing on the phone with his mom for about 2 hours and during this time it becomes dark.
    Right as I'm thinking I should get on the road I see some headlights coming down the road towards me so I put the mini bong back in my cup holder and wrapped a plastic bag around it(my car is messy so it blends in) then lit up a cig to cover the smell. Sure enough, it was the cops. I'm high on weed and meth so when the car was coming up to me I stared at the headlights to try and make my pupils smaller, and when the cop came up to the window I was staring at his flashlight for the same reason.
    So the cop asks us what we're doing there, and my friend is STILL on the phone with his mom, so I point to him and say "that" the cop chuckles and asks for my license and registration, which I gladly give to him.
    So the cops go run my info which is of course, clean. They come back to the car and say "O.K. everything is in order. Can we search your car?" just out of nowhere asking me that. I replied "No, I'm not doing anything wrong." and he said "If you've got nothing to hide why cant we search it?" "Because I'm not doing anything wrong is why. I like to keep my shit private." The cop and his partner looked pretty disappointed but said "Ok, well the park closes at dark, get out of here." Then they just stood there and stared at us, I started to inch away then remembered, "SEATBELTS!" said I. We buckled up and drove away. When I looked in the mirror a couple minnutes later, my pupils were dilated to the max.
    That was my closest call. Oh by the way, there was a .45 magnum with a 7.5 inch barrel (legal, registered to my passenger) in the back seat that a roll of paper towels covered up luckily while I was driving. I also had meth, weed, and a scale on me so I would have been gone for a while. I learned my lesson.
  2. Lemme get ya in ona lil secret, homie...

    Real Playas don't have close calls ;).
  3. Thanks for trollin my thread. I hope you feel better about yourself, playa.
  4. I guess you are just not smart when it comes to not getting caught.

    I never understood how all my friends would have 'close calls' or even get caught by police or parents.

    Never once happened to me. Why? Because I'm fuckin' smart, playa.
  5. Seriously? If you've "never" had a close call then you're one a lucky basturd. For the most part, yes, close-calls or even getting cought period can be avoided. But sometimes, they just simply cannot. In my town during the weekends, cops set up everywhere and do sobriety checks. And without fail, I always hear about one of my buddies getting cought. It's lame, but really can't be avoided.
  6. Nah you're not smart, you're lucky. Or you just never smoke outside your house, which I guess is smart. Boring, but smart. I like to have fun and go out and do shit while I'm getting high, and all it takes is some bad luck and a cop comes up on you. But if you're smart, you know what to say so the cops cant do anything to you.
    If you're smoking outside your "safe" area there is ALWAYS a chance you will get caught, or at least have a close call, so don't try and act all high and mighty just because the dice have rolled in your favor.
  7. Quoted for truth.
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    I go out. I smoke outside. I buy my shit inside. I never walk around with weed, or high on anything.

    Luck? No. I have never put myself in a situation where I would have any close calls. Quit trying to sound all high and mighty by trying to proving me wrong.

    Some people ARE smart, do not buy through teenagers, 'thugs' what ever, and have a high need and want to not go to jail.

    Luck really has nothing to do with it, you do not know me or my situation. Like I said, it has everything to do with NOT putting yourself in a situation where there is any need to worry about being arrested or caught.
  9. dude it happens to the best of us. no matter how cautious you think you are you will eventually have that one close call. no one ever thinks that they are going to get caught.
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    If you smoke outside, you're going to have a close call someday unless you're extremely LUCKY, being smart has nothing to do with it. You can take every precaution in the world and get some bad luck and a cop sneaks up on you while you're smoking. If you think you can never get caught, or at least have a close call, you're just fooling yourself.
    And a close call can be extreme like the situation I mentioned, or just smoking in a park and seeing a cop from 400ft away and putting the bowl out. That still counts. Sure there was little chance of anything bad actually happening because you were aware of your surroundings and payed attention.
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    Well, In seven years of smoking outside, doing hard drugs, buying and selling drugs.. I just have not had any problems. The probability is against me, but.. ya know, there is always something to be said about being smart.

    I'm done here. If you cant take into consideration people having a good head on their shoulders, knowing when and when not do certain things, where and where not, who and who not, ya know. I kinda feel bad I have gotten away with everything only because so many of my friends have not. I am sorry you guys have had run-ins, and close calls, but.. damn man.
  12. Finally you say something that I agree with. Being smart DEFINITELY lowers the probability that you will get caught, and you can go for 7 years, or 70 years and never get caught if you're smart about it. But its all probability. Most of my close calls were in my first year of smoking bud, I've gotten a lot smarter since and don't put myself in situations when I might get caught. But even I know that no matter how hard you try, there is always a chance, even if only .00001% chance, that something super fucked up might happen and you get caught.
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    QFT. Even, seeing he does, did smoke outside, I'm sure it's in a secluded/isolated area. If you don't do stupid shit with ILLEGAL substances; such as riding around in your car high on meth, with a scale, meth, and bud - I'm positive you won't have a close call, let alone get caught with anything. Smart idea to smoke a cigarette to cover the smell though, good, quick thinking.

    - I also don't think you should call - an obvious - blade, a troll.
  14. I call them as I see them. Posting on my thread to do nothing but put me down is something I think of as trolling. Just because you have a 1500 post count doesnt mean you cant act like a troll sometimes.
    And nothing is EVER 100% you can never be sure you will NEVER get caught. You could be smoking in the farthest corner of the park where nobody should ever be thinking you're completely secluded and isolated, and a park ranger could jump out of the fucking bushes and bust you. You can never be 100% sure 100% of the time.

    edit: We SERIOUSLY got off track. I just wanted to share a story of me being stupid and having a close call, and I wanted to hear some of your stories. I didn't post this tread to have someone act all cocky and dis me for trying to share a story.
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    Lol, just let thebigd be smooth why all the hating?

    Anyway, OP, I've had a few close-calls but they all went pretty smooth. A few were with RA's in my dorm, but being polite and courteous let me get by thankfully.
    Besides RA's, a specific day that pissed me off was when a few friends and I were chillin at the beach, and they started panicking once security approached us. He was on a bike, and he was patrolling the beach, and we were smoking a blunt, ONE BLUNT. My friend started dumping out all her weed in the sand- questioning arrest and all this other bullshit, meanwhile the security dude is still pretty far from us, talking on the phone, but he smelled the smoke because someone else kept smoking that one blunt, security was telling us to stay where we are. I guess he was calling legit cops with higher authority. Eventually he told us to leave, that it was our lucky day. :rolleyes: Just another summer day relaxing in an East Coast beach
  16. I also want to add, the times I do smoke outside, always after midnight.

    Always. And ALWAYS, I have two cigarettes burning, one in my mouth, one on the end of the drive way.
  17. Yeah I probably did overreact when thebigd was just tryin to be cool and maybe funny but its just the tone of his comment that irked me.

    Okay another close call to get this thread more on track.

    I went over to a friends and picked up an OZ of shrooms and was driving back to my place and had the shrooms in my glove box. I was high on weed only and kinda tired. I got pulled over because my wipers didn't work worth a damn so I was having trouble staying on the road because I couldnt see 10 feet in front of me. So the cop comes to my window and tells me I was doing a little bit of swerving and asked me if I had taken any prescription drugs or been drinking or consumed any illegal substances. I said no. She asks for my license and registration and then points her flashlight at my glove box. Luckily I kept that stuff in my door panel so I never had to open the glove box. She goes and runs it and comes back and asks me again if I was on any substances. Again, I deny it. She tells me that she asks because my eyes are red and glazed over. I told her it was because I work graveyard and haven't slept yet, then she let me go on my way, telling me to get some new wipers.

    I don't need anyone telling me how I shouldn't have been driving if I couldn't see, I know that. The weather was fine when I left and I had to get home somehow. Also glove box is not the best place but I was driving a hatchback so I couldn't very well put it in the non-existent trunk.
  18. Yeah you're definitely cautious and will probably never get caught. Good call. Just know that no matter what you do, there is still a one in a billion chance that something might happen. But you will probably never have a close call being that careful.
  19. Dude I sure hope not, I got Crohn's. Do you know what they do to lil white boys in prison with CROHN'S?! :eek::eek:
  20. ROFL For sure man I'm not a little white boy, I'm a fat, out of shape white boy, so I'd probably get a new "friend" if I went to prison too. That's why I don't ever roll with a scale on me anymore, and always less than an OZ if I'm going out. And I don't do hard drugs often anymore, and if I have them on me, then there is no scale anywhere nearby, and I wait till I get home to do them.

    I was a cocky little shit back when most of these stories are from and thought nothing wrong would ever happen to me. I know better now and take every precaution I can.

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