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  1. ok here is my close call- I go to college out of state and the drive (7 hrs.) can get really long and boring. so on my way home at the beginning of winter break, i smoke one at departure and one when i cross state lines (about halfway). well on my way down everything's going good and i'm still pretty high at the state line so i wait and light up on my way out of this small town. right when i take the first puff, a cop coming towards me on the 2-lane turns on his lights about 30 feet in front of me!:eek: i FREAK and shove the joint into the ashtray and close it, while rolling down the windows. i turn around and he pulled some guy in a 3000gt over. after i relax i light it back up and it was smooth sailing from there.:smoke:
  2. Yea, close calls when high are bound to make you clinch your asshole.
  3. I've posted this somewhere here before, but I got pulled over somewhere in Tennessee. I was on the interstate, I think it was around Murfreesboro and I had a joint in my backpack in the front seat and a roach in my cigarette pack in the front console (rental car). He searched me and the car, somehow didn't find shit and let me go.
  4. Got a bunch of close call stories, but here's the best two:

    This one happened back in June just after I met my now girlfriend. She invited me and my friend to a party at her friend's place and it's in a town I don't know so well. So my friend and I hook up his dad's GPS that we snagged for the trip, punch the place in and went out on our way. Needless to say, we spark a few bowls on the way and get absolutely ripped. Not long after we finish tokin we pull up to a T-intersection and I stop at the light. While I'm at the light I reach back and grab a sweatshirt, as I turn around the light turns green so I stuff it down between me and the door and go figure, there's a state police SUV at the red light as I'm going by. He must have thought I was hiding something, because I see him pull a u-turn and get right on my ass. So here I am, blitzed out of my skull, driving in a town I don't know well at all, with a cop right up my ass scrutinizing everything I do probably looking for a reason to stop me. Luckily I was able to compose myself and drive perfectly with the aid of the GPS, if we didn't have that we would have been fucked.

    The second story is mad long, but the closest call of my life. It's a Thursday afternoon and my boys and I are chilling in my room playing GTA IV and decide we want to smoke a bowl. The geniuses we are, we decide to skip doing what we've done all year long to smoke in the dorm and just smoke out my room. So we tape a washcloth over the fire alarm, throw the towel down on the door, and crack the window. After we blaze we're chillin out thinkin shit's fine when a strong knock comes from my door. We quickly open the window all the way and I go to the door, only to find it's a few girls we hang with usually. They come in and the one goes to me "it smells like a field of ganj out there, what the hell were you doing?" so we tell them and show them the washcloth that was still up. They call us retarded, we laugh.

    About twenty minutes go by and the five of us decide to hit the dining hall for some food, once everyone is out I get on my bed to rip the washcloth off. Ripped it off and left a piece of tape on the wall, about 3 inches from the actual fire alarm. So I reach and take the tape off, and my fire alarm goes fucking off. I call my buddy back in and we take the bowls, grinder, quarter, and anything else and book it down the hall to his room and stash it before we meet everyone else back downstairs for a smoke. As we're all sitting in the dining hall, a girl from a few doors down comes up to me and goes "You live in 226 right? Your fire alarm is going off, you should check it out" and of course I play dumb and leave.

    As I get to my floor, I see two security officers walking to my room. By the time I get down to my room, they're standing there knocking so I tell them that's my room and here's how it went from there:
    Safety and Security: Do you know why your fire alarm is going off?
    Me: No I don't. I was just in the dining hall eating and the girl in 224 told me about it so I came up.
    SS: I see. It kind of smells like weed out here, were you smoking earlier?
    Me: No, sir. I don't know why it smells out here.
    SS: Alright, well open the door and we'll check it out.
    (They walk in and tell me to leave the light off, they then whip out their super cool flashlights and start looking around.)
    SS: Why is your window wide open? Trying to air something out?
    Me: No, I like the fresh air when it's nice outside.
    (They appear to be convinced and begin to leave. As the last guy is leaving, he shines his light into my bathroom, immediately noticing the cieling tile my friends and I move to smoke is still out of place.)
    SS: Care to explain this one?
    Me: Oh, that. Well my roommate just moved out earlier today, and when I got back from class after he left I noticed that. Just haven't moved it back yet.
    SS: Oh alright. You see, some kids around here like to move it to smoke weed. Maintenance has noticed it a couple times.
    Me: You don't say...

    They then put my tile back and told me they'd shut the alarm off in a minute.
  5. Just picked up an O of some diggity dank from a buddy and was driving home with it in my car. I drive a prius, which happens to have a really good place to stash weed in the trunk. Anyway i get pulled over for some bull shit, and the cops saw that i had a prior on my record so they decide to search my car. I let them because i know if i refuse then theyll call the K9 unit and ill really be fucked. But the cop searches the car and never found any weed, even though my car reeked.
  6. This just happened to me today,
    So im pulling out of a gas station and this cop pulls in and just stares directly at my car. My tints are 10% very illegal so i see him kick it into reverse. I shout to my friend EAT THE WEED.
    I shove a gram nug in my mouth and start to chewin, my friend does the same but there were bits and pieces still around.
    The cop finally catches up and Woop Woop:(
    So he comes to my window and does the regular thing then calls for backup.
    Pulls me and my friend out the car and searches both of us, he found 400 dollars in cash in my pocket and some bud in my friends pocket. At this point hes searching the car and finds a lil more bud. My friend gets handcuffed and questioned, then the cops come over to me and asks if i sell marijuana, i respond obviously no.
    He goes back to searching the car and picks up my scale ( my scale is an ipod touch that pops off and is a scale) He touched the front and the back and put it down on the floor lol:D
    I then get questioned, "your friend over there says you 2 just sold some marijuana to a kid at the gas station, ( i found out later they told the same story to my buddy) i responded with no no blah blah my dads a lawyer so i'm used to ths process.
    They put my friend in the back of a car and hand me my keys, They gave me a ticket for my tints and let me go, and Hour later my friend calls me and said when they took him back to the station they asked him some questions then called his parents(17) and let him go.
    I was just so amazed by my scale, definitely one of the best moments ever. IF he just popped of the top me and my boy would be in custody and my cash all gone
  7. Dude where'd you get that scale?
  8. Ive only got one close call story. Me and my friends just got done smoking at the beach on some private property (the guy said it was cool for us to be down there though). And as we are coming up the huge ass hill to get from the beach to the road a cop passes by, she immediately turned on her lights and turned around. Long story short, she went to the guys house and he said we were fine. Scary part was that I was holding all of the weed :X
  9. I bet you had an adrenaline rush haha. :D

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