Close Calls???

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  1. So I just did a search and nothing came up for something like this. Does anyone have any stories about almost getting caught in some way or another??

    Ill start.

    When I was still in high school a few of my friends and I were leaving at lunch towards the end of my senior year to go smoke. Our school was lame and didnt have open campus because we live in a small town. So our principal just by chance is pullin up in the parking lot just as we're leaving. I didnt exactly have the best relationship with this guy keep in mind. We proceeded to my car not noticing he saw us. My other friend is selling me a bag of some dank bud and it really smells skunky in my car. Out of no where my principal comes up to the driver side window as I have the bag in my hands. God mustve been watching over me becuase somehow he didnt see it. I slipped the bag in the door and then stepped out of the car. He asked me what I was doing and said grabbing my books for next class because I left them in my car this morning. He said ok get back inside and I listened just being thankful that nothing worse happened.

    sorry for the long read
  2. me and a couple friends were tokin right under this window in an alley. its a dead end so no one goes down there but some woman walked right by us as by friend is hittin the pipe and all he does to hide it is put his hand in front of it like playing peekaboo hahaha.
  3. haha, i know theres got to be more stories than just that though.
  4. A few years back I had an eighth in a baggy, rolled up nicely. I folded it in half and put it in my front T-shirt pocket to go in to the store and grab a pack of smokes. I passed a cop on the way out, and though, no big deal. Wen I got back in to my truck I noticed the baggie had unfolded, and was standing straight up out of my pocket. The weed was VERY obvious. I almost shit myself.
  5. i was driving down this really dark street in miami around3 am barely anyone around and then i get to this rede light and a car pulls up next to, i didnt think muchof itthe light turn green it stayed cloes to us for a hwile meanwhile my friend and i were smoking two blunts (one each) so the car was smoky as fuck and then we get to another reed light and the car comes to a stopp next to us too,. the light turns green we finish our blunts and lower the windows o get fresh air in and all the smoke went pouring out

    were were high as fuck laguhing our asses off, and of course had the munchies so we stopped at a gas station to get some suppies lol and when we get back on the road we see the car that was next to me a few block after the gas station and blue and red ligths were on inside his car and he had pulled over an acura and had the kids with the hands on the hood, turns out he was an undercover cops

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