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  1. ok ive had a few really close calls and it made me think, i wanna hear your close calls with police, family, freinds.

    ima tell u my close calls, when im blazzed i get really forgetfull, one day i was makeing a bong while my room mate was out of town, but was comeing back in 5 hrs, so i was gonna make a bong and smoke some dro i had just picked up, and btw my room mate is a fucking asshole if he ever found out he would get me kicked out of college, ok so anyway im makeing my mong i just finish, so i go to get my weed form my hideing spot and when i get back i forgot wear i put the bong. i was like wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so i tear up the room looking for it, for like 4 hrs i couldent find it, so im exausted so i sit down on the couch, and its behind the coushons.:eek:

    ya im an idiot ya ya whatever, i wanna hear ur stories:D
  2. come on post
  3. This ain't no chat room yo, its a forum. Sometimes it takes a while for someone to post.

    Anywho, I never really had any close calls. I'm real careful like when I know I'm gonna get high.
  4. A friend of mine was having a rolling party one night, so me and another friend decided to head over there kind of early and help him clean up a bit. We get to his house, buy our beans, and then start helping clean. Without even really thinking about it, I shove my beans into my wallet so I wouldn't lose them. After about an hour goes by, my friend who is having the party - his girlfriend walks over to me and asks if she can give me like $5 in gas money to go pick up her friend who lives like 20 minutes away. I said yea, so before we leave she packs this fat bowl in her bong, me, the guy I came with, and my friend's girlfriend hit it, then we all leave. We pick up her friend and we decide to stop by my friend's girlfriend's house. The whole way there, we were joking and laughing about how there are NEVER any cops in her neighborhood. So I pull up by her mailbox, and she and the guy I came with run inside to get a blacklight. So I'm sitting there chillin and waiting for them to get out, when I see a car coming up behind me. It passes me, and I notice that it's a cop. The cop gets down to the end of the street, pulls a U-turn and starts headed back towards me. As he gets closer to the car, he turns his spotlight on and shines on my car, where he sees me and this other girl just sitting (it's close to midnight by this point). He pulls behind my car, and gets out and starts walking towards my car. I realize at that point that I still have my beans on me, and I reek of weed, so I'm nervous as fuck. Right as he gets to the back of my car, my friend's girlfriend comes running out and sees the cop. He looks at her, points to my car and asks in a loud voice "Is he with you?" she just says "uhh yeah, I just had to run inside for a minute and he was waiting on me". The cop then smiled, got back in his car, and left. :hello:
  5. lol retarted cops=p

  6. Me and 3 friends were driving from Buffalo to Syracuse to visit our other friend. We had already smoked blunts and were now passing a bowl around with the windows up. It was getting late at night and it was dark, my friend was doing 90mph on the thruway. Cops lights come on behind us. Fuck. The driver has a quarter of on him and my other friend had a bag on him as well. We're also all under 21 and we have 30+ beers in the car. I'm scared as shit. Cop approaches the window:

    Cop: Alright, who's smoking the weed
    Driver: They were (pointing to us), I don't smok when I drive.

    At first I thought "what a motherfucker selling us out" but in the end it was a genius move. The cop gets him out of the car and puts him through tests, he passes easily. My friend explained to the cop what we were doing. He made him dump out all of the beers and throw the empties into the woods. Then he made him chuck his pipe into the woods:yay:We got off without anything when I thought we were going to jail.


    At school we smoke in the softball dugouts a lot. One time my friends had some kids up visiting, so there were 9 of us in on a sess with mad blunts. This security guard pops up out of nowhere when we're blazing and gives us a mini-speech about how it's not the right way to go in life. He tells us not to get up and finish what we're doing lol. Half my friends sketch out and leave so a few of us went into the woods and finished off the bleezies:D
  7. hehe, I was going to say that wont get you in trouble in syracuse they have bigger problems then some pot and some underaged drinking.

    The thing that bothers me is that he made you throw 30+ bottles in the woods and not a recycling bin, thats not normal littering
  8. I was with two friends and we were cruising around town smoking a blunt. We finish up the blunt and toss it literally seconds before we go over the top of a hill and see a construction site at the intersection in front of us.

    In Massachusetts, there are always police directing traffic around the workers. We weave around some cones and come to a stop at the intersection. It's going to be a minute. Then, we see the cop start walking over to our car. I'm in the passenger seat with the window down but a heavy blunt aroma still floating in the car.

    The cop bends over and peers in and says, "You boys get the gold star today." We're all like, Oh, fuck, of course we get the gold star...we're fucking sitting ducks right here. Busts don't come much easier than this.

    Then he continued, "You're the first car all day to come through those traffic cones correctly! If you ever get pulled over, tell 'em Officer Smith gave you a get-out-of-jail-free card!" We couldn't believe it! We pulled out of there and got going again and we laughed our balls off for like ten minutes straight...:smoke:
  9. The closest call I ever had would have to be the time I had my cousin take me to go get some herb and his windshield was busted. Sure enough, on the way back, he gets pulled over. The guys look in the mirror, see its a male cop, and hand all the weed to me and I have to put it in my bra.

    He decided not to give my cousin a ticket for the windshield when he heard some random kid in his neiborhood bricked it.

    He didn't search us, and we went back to my place an got high.
  10. First of all that sucks you had to throw your pipe into the woods. Well I was chillin at my house and my dad was at work so i figured i would smoke a j real quick. I got pretty fucking high and couldnt remember where i put the roach because i brought it inside to dispose of. I started looking for it for like 15 minutes because i just couldn't remember a thing. My dad came home for lunch and i go into the kitchen and see the roach right on the kitchen counter he had to have walked right past it but didn't see it. I was so relieved.
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    A few weeks ago, some of my friends and I were at a park and smoking up a bit. We had an 8th split between 5 of us. So we were pretty blazed so we decided to chill on the swings for a bit while we thought of something to do. Less than 10 seconds later, 2 cops drive up on to the park and tell us not to move. I was scared shitless as it was the first time I had ever been stopped by the cops while high. They started questioning us about how old we were (past curfew for the city) and what we had been doing. I was so afraid of being searched because i still had a few grams in my pocket. One of the people I was hanging out with was under 18 though so they just told us to take him home and didn't search us. So yeah, everything turned out ok but that was a close call for me.

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