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close call

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dman21, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. so last nite around 1215 i took my 2 packed bowls to go smoke while my girlfriend drove around..i finish off the first one with no problems..u kno no one is out seeing as its late..the 2nd bowl i start i had to take it a little slower with all the cars that were driving around now..well close to the end of the 2nd bowl we r driving down this street and i blow a hit out.. i look straight ahead..po po rolls across the street. my heart dropped. i was buggin a bit but really wasnt worried. we just drove home and started a movie..that was my close call.. anyone else have any close calls like this?
  2. That's why I do most of my smoking in the cofmort of my home and yard :)

    Don't ride dirty and don't smoke in cars. It's dangerous on several levels.
  3. yeah mane, no toke and ride (at the same time :))
  4. Hahaha i got one,

    so one day me and a three of my friends were skippin skewl, and we were taking the backroads from town to town passing two pipes in rotation. my friend was driving his charger and as we came around a corner he was passing the pipe to me (i was ridin shotgun) and a cop was just sittin in his squad car doin god knows what and the car was completley smoked out how he didnt see the monsteosity of a pipe that was being passed my way i dont know lol but no worries the 5-0 dont know shit. haha
  5. I have plenty of close calls like that. That's not even close compared to some of my stories, haha. It probably did bug you out a lot though since you already smoked a bowl in a half.
  6. If the cop was in the car he wouldn't have been able to smell it, and he would have probaly thought it was just a cigarette
  7. He was hitting a bowl though so it's a little different. Give or take a few seconds here and there and he could have been arrested.
  8. was walking home at 3 am and had the police stop me, I had just smoked 4g+ between 3 people and had some codeine as well, they asked for my id I showed it and then I was pinned down by 3 officers and had by bong taken away.

    nah im jking, I showed my id and got home safely :) I love cops who are nice and don`t abuse their powers.
  9. as do do i

  10. yea it did bug me out like i said just a little. def learned not to toke n ride. just lookin back on it im like damn that coulda ended badly.
  11. I was ridin around with my friend and we were smokin a blunt. We were stopped at an intersection and as my friend was finishing the blunt i was in the passenger side putting in eye drops. I didnt notice, but a cop was sitting next to us waiting at the light. I looked over and saw him and he looked at me and i just sat there, stoned and staring at him with visine running down my cheeks. My friend says the look on my face was priceless. Not really a 'close call' but i thought it was funny.
  12. I swear cops are retarded, me and my friends always see cops while smoking in a car, but its like they never see us. We were passing a bong around once and we were stopped at a stop sign on a back road and a cop was literally at the stop sign across the street while i was hitting the bong in shotgun lol. i didnt see him cuz i was looking down hitting it, and i look up and hes right there lol but i guess he didnt see it or didnt care.

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