Close Call

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Argonath, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Hey fellow City members, here's my first story. I hope it's at least remotely entertaining. :wave:

    So, this past Tuesday night, myself and a couple of old high-school pals were sitting around drinking a few brews and tokin' quite a bit. Most of the friends I actually haven't seen since high-school and now that we're entering our second year in college, we rarely even get to talk to each other.

    The night is going by pretty well. Our friend has a "jam setup" in his garage, and we all did just that... "jammed."

    After a while we get a call from a friend that a girl from our high-school years is throwing a party across town. We decide what the Hell?

    Uninvited, high, shirtless we stumble into her backyard. Typical college party - beer pong and the whole nine yards. We decided to smoke them down with the headies I bought earlier that night. We actually succeeded in incapacitating one guy, absolutely hilarious.

    Anyway, everything is going along just find until an officer walks right into the backyard. I instantly panicked; not running around flailing, but rather had an instant wave of paranoia surge through me. Without even flinching, and with the grace of a Finnish clock worker I tossed my bowl, weed, and lighter into the girl's garden.

    Thankfully, the officers were very awesome, which I suppose is sort of an oxymoron. They simply emptied all of the alcohol and told us to take the party indoors. I guess you can say I got extremely lucky. The amount of weed on me, combined with the charge of paraphenalia would have definitely left a pretty nasty blemish on my squeeky clean record.

    So that's it, a near miss. Definitely killed my high for a good twenty minutes. But all in all, it was a very enjoyable and reminiscent Tuesday night.

    Anyone else ever have such a near miss?

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