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Close Call!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sleepy Hollow, Nov 28, 2002.

  1. this past weekend me and my buddy were driving in my parents car..we went through a tim hortons drive through to get some coffee and such ..well anyway i went to grab some change out of the cup holder and then i felt something that wasnt change..it was a baggie with some grinded up herb in it..i thought holy shit where the hell did this come from?? i asked my friend do u remember buying weed with spades on the baggie? he said no..then i thought maybe my parents smoke and just forgot the baggie in their car..because for some reason i dont remember buying a baggie that looks like this at all..the funny thing is..the baggie was in the car for a over a week..my dad even said there was some change in the cup holder..i guess he didnt bother looking or my ass wouldve been screwed..or wouldnt have been?

    to this day i still dont know where that weed came from..but of course i smoked it.. :D
  2. perhaps your parents weed?

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