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close call

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NorthEastStoner, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. so my friends and i were at this girls house
    and she wouldnt let us smoke in her yard
    so we walked down the street
    to this park
    and we went behind it in the woods
    not very deeps behind the woods

    we smoked
    and were packing up
    when a car pulled up
    just a random car
    nd a guy pulled up with a flash light
    and he saw us
    and we booked it
    and he yelled "get back here"

    nd we ran through the woods
    to a street
    and ran down the street bare foot for like half a mile
    and then turned on a side street

    and then we thought we were safe
    we had flip flops
    but couldnt run in them
    we thought we were safe on the street
    but then a car came down it
    and we jumped into the woods
    and i landed in a thorn bush and my friends in a swamp
    then we called this random kid to pick us up
    and on the kids way to pick us up
    he got pulled over
    cause the cops were pulling everyone over
    and they asked if they saw us

    but we made it home alive

    TL;DR = cop saw us smoking, and we ran a lot, and hide in the woods, and shiiiiitttt
    worst part is that i chucked my grinder and pipe into the woods but im going to go look for it tomorrow
  2. smoke inside, problem solved
  3. Why can't people be a little more responsible.
  4. thanks captain hindsight. ya now ill start to be safer
  5. should of climb up a tree and hid til morning.they never look up in trees.
  6. Just keep this tip in mind. While in public, or while riding around, joints/blunts only. You can eat those if you have to.
  7. UPDATE: went back to the woods today went back to the woods today
    i found my pipe
    eye drops
    and the top half of the grinder
    the bottom half is missing
    i searched with 5 friends for 3O minutes
    and nothing
    we concluded that a cop or kids found it and kept it.
  8. I opened this thread and thought OP had written a poem

  9. rough
  10. same haha
  11. Did she call the cops on you?
  12. Did the cops ever come?

  13. no but maybe the neighbors did cause you arent supposed to be in and i guess behind that park after dusk

  14. did you read the original post? they chased me man
  15. Did I just read a poem dude?
  16. You nailed it
  17. Smoking inside >
  18. Lol the paranoia poem.

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