Close Call With The Cops

Discussion in 'General' started by BigDave 420, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. ok me and my boy were bumping some early eminem it was the shady lp album and were in my room and it is bumping loud as hell. i have some big ass home stereo speakers from 1972 they have one 12 inch woofer each and 1 mid and two tweeters each and i have a newer sony stereo so its VERY loud and were smoking a fat ass joint. and its only like 5 in the afternoon and my neighbor always plays his old ass disco music loud so i didnt think he would call the popo.i was wrong my boy see's the officer pull up and we freak out cause i just had bought a fat ass half ounce of some no name dank so i hid it in a very non common place. i jump up turn off the music and put my half ouce thats in a mason jar inside my desktop pc then put the side back on. i answer the door and the cop talks about how my music was to loud. then this hick motherfucking pig sniffs the air and is like you boys been smoking the dope huh. im like no officer. he says he's gonna search my house i say no but he said he could because he smelled it. h fucking searched my whole house but didnt find it. i was like damn that was close as fuck. he said well i guess you boys already smoked it all. so we didnt get in trouble he said to keep the music down and left. after that i rolled up a FAT ass cross joint and smoked it with my boy.
  2. What a prick
  3. Fuck your neighbor
    And fuck that cop 
    Keep on Tokin hommie
  4. Next time dont answer, and just turn the music down to avoid him coming back out.
  5. yeah next time i wont answer.
  6. This^^^

    Cops can't search your house like a car just cuz they smell weed, they need an exigent circumstance or a dumb kid.

    Guess which category u fell into ;)

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  7. He can't search your house for smelling weed btw
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    Id be like DAMN RIGHT I WAS SMOKING DOPE and shut the door in his face then turning down the music

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  9. OP is that kid that answers the door knowing it is a cop at a huge party. 
  10. Cops do that to fuck with your mind man. Its an intimidation factor there gonna be a price to try and prove there authority and so they seem like a bigger man. (not all cops but most)
  11. Ive had a few close calls but the craziest one was me n 2 of ma mates were seshin out late at a carpark next to a school and the ranger drive past thought nothin of it my mate on the other hand literally I shit you not got done for possession of weed like a stick from the popo the day before but ide convinced him to hang out n anyway nek minit blue n red lights light up at the roundabout just infront of us n pull into the car park meanwhile we see it I grab my weed just incase they search the car where clambering outta this car and making a brake for the oval but they got there spotlight on us so i shoved my tin into my boxers and they came up to us n give us the usual shit then they ask have any of you had any recent criminal convictions and my mate pipes up and sais he got busted yesterday for cannibas possesion nuuuub so they start frisking him n the other cop is intergating us asking us where weve been where were going then twisting our words mind fucking us but after the frisking they left n we got away with it sooooo lucky I probly had like a 50 on me so not too much but still eneogh

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