close call with straightedge dad

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by doobiescoo31, May 1, 2004.

  1. alrighty, so i ordered some pipes from an undisclosed location last week, and today they showed up to my house. now, mind you i'm living with my dad.... and the box was shipped to my dad. yea, so he opened it, asked me if i ordered anything from there, i said yes, he asked me what i ordered and i said a jar. believe it or not, it worked. he bought the jar story and had me "mail the stuff back". needless to say i kept to goods and threw away the box, saying i'd get money in two weeks...

    god i love my life!
  2. Wtf? Your dad must be really effin stupid, no offense. A jar...hahahaha....

  3. ha ha ha ha, thats funny. i was thinking the same thing.
  4. Your story is full of holes. If your dad really did buy the jar story, why did he have you mail it back?
  5. my dad did buy the story, i said i ordered a jar for my mom for mothers day. when he asked me if i've ever smoked and yada yada, i just said no, and how the company must've screwed up the order. he told me to mail the pipes back and get my money for it. sooooooo i'm just gonna mail money back to myself from their address and be happy about it. lol, i've had the excuse ready last time i had a package come in, buuuut it didn't get into the hands of my parents. lol.
  6. wow i wish i had parents who believed shit like that when i was 14
  7. people throw the word straightedge around too freely. drugfree maybe.. but straightedge?
  8. Only problem is... Now you have to get your mom a jar for Mother's Day!
  9. hahahaha

  10. haha i ordered a bubbler a while ago and my mom got the package and i told her it was a christmas present and she couldnt look at it so she just left it on the kitchen table
  11. dude, that sounds a lil like my mom, one time i was toking up in my room when i was a lil younger, and i was like down behind my bed, and she barges in, and luckyly i wasnt taking a hit, so i shoved the pipe and weed under the bed, and when she asked me what i was doing, i said i was playing with matches, she took the matches, and left without saying a word....lmao

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