Close call with a cop last night hahaha.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Morph420, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Well, me and 4 of my friends go over to our local community College which is on a mother fucking hill. Ohlone College is what its called.
    Its Midnight at this time also.

    Anyways my friends and I start walking up 25180543 steps to get to the top of the campus, there is a small hill that leads up higher to a parking lot and a hidden path.

    So we all chill hiding, my friend rolled 2 fat blunts of his 1/8th. So between the 5 of us we are completly stoned after the first blunt, so we keep smoking (lol).

    Halfway through the 2nd blunt a cop comes by and this is how it goes down.

    Cop: You guys aren't allowed to be up here after dark, this is off limits.

    My friend was geeking out like crazy, and I was behind a stone wall that was in the ground.I was competly hidden. I start laughing hard but its silent.

    So my friend starts laughing at the cop saying....

    Friend: Hahaha, what? Oh, yeah we'll get leaving pretty soon.

    One of my other friends put the half lit blunt in her back pocket.

    So finally I just went into a serious face mode, and I come out from behind the wall and tell the cop.

    Me: Nah, we're fine, we were just about to leave, I'm sorry we didn't realize that we weren't allowed to be here. We thought it was an open campus.

    Cop: Haha, its alright, just don't let me catch you guys here this late again.

    Then we just left. Stoned out our minds!
    I felt like I accomplished something.
  2. Wow nicely done! I could imagine it would have been hard to keep a straight face! I know I wouldn't have been able to :p
    Pretty chill cop too ;)
  3. You should have said "Fuck that pig we'll walk where we want when we want because it's America, plus I have a gun and it's fun to walk around high with a gun on you late at night." And then ran away as fast as you could..

    It would have made for a better story at least :)
  4. ha sounds fun....i kno when ever i leave a cop not arrested or searched etc...i feel like i won a lil bit
  5. hahahh that's what they want you to think!

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