Close Call, Semi Busted

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    Close Call, Semi Busted beat cops at own law

    Alrighty so last night my buddy and I are chillen already stoned but just wanna kick another quickie sesh before we peace. So we go down this road in like middle of nowhere near my buddies house, we have toked here before with no problems.

    Well after were done with the sesh like I mean 2 min after, we are just getting ourselves collected sorting out the paraphernalia we got, the bowl un asher is still sitting inside the Falls kit which is in my cup holder.

    A car really slowly turns a corner down the road onto our road, now two vans had gone past us while were there but no cars.

    This car pulls towards us still really slow as precaution any time were chillen in a car if we see vehicles the driver holds his cell phone by his ear so that we have reason to be off the road ( no driving and texting/ calls in Canada)

    The car turns out to be a cop and he says
    Cop- "Look at you being good pulling over to talk on your phone"
    Me- " ugh yah just following rules"

    He pulls past me turns around and leaves so were sketchin fairly hard now, we put some clear eyes in empty the Kit, dump the bowl and are now just kinda like should we leave?

    Before we could decide to leave I see some headlights way down the road behind me; I was def not thinking it would be a cop but this fool was driving so slow.

    When he finally gets to my car he flips those red and blues on and stops behind us. The only stuff we had was about .3 in nug left, clear eyes, bowl, bottle with holes in it and a base, and I had a grinder

    Cop-What you boys doing way out here
    Me- Just pulled over to send a text and make a phone call
    Cop- Alright, I need your license, registration and insurance

    When I reach for everything he pulls the
    Cop-How much pit you guys smoke tonight?
    Cop- You got any Pot on you?
    Me- Nope didn't smoke any
    I give him everything he goes to the car and sits there for prob about 5-7 min

    Comes back and gives my stuff back and says have a good night, and think about getting some air freshners for the car it smells like pot

    If any of you familliar with Canadian law know how I could of handled this better let me know. My only other time with cops was when I was under 18 so should be nothing on my record.
  2. And then?????????????????
  3. ive had 6+ encounters with LEO while smoking weed, each time i got lucky and my record is squeeky clean still. :D
  4. so how are you 'semi busted?'
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    Because we didn't have a problem free sesh.....we didn't get charged but we still got busted by him
  6. Dude I would have shit my pants hahaha
  7. Try not to smoke in your car.

    If you need to smoke in your car it means you either do not have friends that have a private place to smoke, or you yourself do not have a private place to smoke.

    As for the cops, nothing you could have done differently. If the car reeks of pot and he wants to search it he can. .3 grams is not even a misdemeanor. If he found it he would have probably just destroyed the weed and let you go.

    He had probable cause to search your vehicle. In fact if he was a vindictive prick he could have brought in canine and shredded your vehicle under suspicion (which .3 grams would have confirmed).

    Moral of the story is not to smoke in your car, like ever.

  8. Sounds like you handled it pretty well, maby next time dont smoke in your car though.
  9. Lol, i bet he was just like another kid smoking pot, fuck the paperwork, theres no warrants out for them. I mean if your car smells like weed, they could be huge assholes, hell, even if it doesnt they normally are...
  10. ^^ probaly alot of canadien police are like that

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