Close call man!

Discussion in 'General' started by sloppyjoe, May 11, 2006.

  1. yep seen it.... thats not skill at all... he's just amazingly fucking lucky and had perfect timing
  2. hahahaha, oh shit dude..... thats intense... to come tha close to death.....
  3. shitt, haha im soo ripped..close call
  4. hahah yes!

    me too.
  5. Holy jaw dropped when I saw that...had to take a double look
  6. I am getting ripped as you speak and WOW very cool, so close it almost seems edited, heh
  7. Man everyones ripped, if I had 5more bucks in cash I could get a nice gram :(

    If that guy in the suv didnt brake there wouldve been a crash.
  8. Holy shit, that was weird. It's either edited or...just extremely weird/stupid of the speeder.
  9. oh snap!!! hahaha damn that was close. how the hell did he get through there. i bet dude in the van was like wat the fuck was that haha o yea i'm ripped too
  10. man the video was cool but i wasn't going to reply, but everybody is ripped, as well as me.
  11. Its not edited You can clearly see the minivan hit hes brakes for a split second just barley letting the car infront of him...I must say thats the closest car crash ive ever seen...and im a car crashin explodin stuff up junkie... love too watch vids like that...
  12. Yeah, i was in a hurry to pick up some dank. lol

    But seriously, damn, that guy is lucky, but luck runs out some day

  13. RRRRRGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGH :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  14. Wonder if the dude even knows what almost happened. He was probably hitting a pipe and dropped it and was bent over looking for it and never came back up till the other side. That or it was some chick doing her makeup. Some of them get pretty oblivious...

  15. Ok scratch that I just got blunted :D

    im ripped :smoking:
  16. It almost looks like he grazed that white car doesn't it? JOE>

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