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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ...Spliff!, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Ok phew, I was just very lucky!

    Let me set the scene. About an hour ago my mother travelled from her bedroom (which is next to mine), downstairs to make some food.

    She brought me up 3 hotdogs, I was pleased.

    She goes back downstairs to eat and I get a wondorous idea! Smoke out of my brand new bubbler! I decide to only smoke a very tiny bowl maybe .1 g's. I finish it off and I am feelin pretty damn high.

    I chill for about a half hour.

    In that time my stepdad came home from a day on the town. He goes downstairs to eat now up to this point I still haven't sprayed or eaten anything. Now being I was upstairs listening to music I didn't notice the opening and closing of my front door so I didn't know my step dad had gotten home.

    I am about to leave my room when for no apparent reason I decide to run back and spray some febreeze on me. I travel downstairs and on the way down spot an open box of fudgeeo's (sp?) I munch on 4 of them but I want to save my appetite (I really just wanted to save 'em for tonight :p) for some real food. I get in the kitchen and to my horror my stepdad is sitting there I walk in and for some stupid reason try to start a conversation, this is pretty much how it went.

    Hey, do you have seeds by any chance? (I meant to say stamps! Shows where my mind is!)

    Him: What??

    Uhhhh.... *awkward silence* .... I meant stamps... (Took me awhile to remember what I was meaning to say!)

    Oh yeah, I'll check in a minute. Are you hungry?

    Oh yeah, im starving! *I open a pot of spaghetti* Im gonna eat some of this rice... (Yeah, I fucked up again!)

    What? there's no rice there!

    Oh.... *awkward silence*.... I meant rice..... I mean, I mean spaghetti! (Yeah, a triple fuck-up! Almost unheard of!)

    I quickly exit the room...

    Sometimes you don't know how high you are until you need to interact with someone else!

    What a rush!

  2. A triple fuck up! I would have been screwd after I asked for seeds!
  3. haha you silly stoned person.
  4. Jesus man, that's pretty bad lol
  5. Hahahahaha, that's gold. I can just picture it.
  6. lmao
    that is hilarious
    i always afraid of doing something like that
  7. Damn!! and from only .1gs!! crazy.
  8. Yeah, Im just surprised as you guys! I have been smoking grams and getting weak highs!

    And when I went downstairs I wasn't really that high. My mind was just fucked, I couldn't form a sentence.

    I can't believe I've been able to type all this out.
  9. thats awesome. ive laughed for like 10 minutes strait at some tv show i was watching with my mom while i was ripped. she thought nothing of it. thank god
  10. LOL good shit good shit...
  11. So yesterday I wasnt even stoned and i poured myself a glass of milk. Put the milk away turn around and I couldnt find the fucking glass. I looked for 5 minutes before I realized I had put it on a windowsil. Then I laughed my ass off for a minute. Stoner Moment.
  12. Man after I get a bag and start smokin alot (which is rare) I try to avoid contact with my fam but I notice that after I stop smokin and talk to them that my grammar really sucks. But after talkin to my dad (former hippie but a smart guy) I start being able to form sentences easier.
  13. before i say shit ima go ahead and say i know what ur talkin about just i used to be like that though but just be cool i mean they have no reaosn to think that u are high and they arnt going to unless u act like u have somethin to hide clear eyes is all that u need not visine shit doesnt work get clear eyes but anyways thats a dumbass mistake dude there is no excuse for that messing up that much the awkward silences are the worst and fuck this shit dude im finishing off all the beers before summer and all i taste is staright ass
  14. rofl hahaha, i hate when that happens aha
  15. Yeah man, the other day i was sitting at home and my mom was waiting for a call because we had dinner plans. anyway, i was baked and I thought "i should call her now. i'm sober enough to handle it."

    10-15 seconds later I found myself saying "uhhh" because I forgot why i had called. it was horrible, I was trying to recover, but i just kept saying uhhh, so then I hung up. she called back and i was like "i couldn't hear you!" and then i fucking forgot AGAIN. I had to hang up again and claim it was bad reception again.

    not that my parents would scold me or anything for finding out I smoked weed, because they already know and are alright with it, but for the most part i classify stoning as something i don't want to be found out by my parents. I've toked with my dad before several times, but it's different when they don't know you're high and they find out because of how stupid you're acting. it's almost embarrassing. especially with my mom. even though she claims to have come to terms with my pot smoking, if she ever thinks I'm high i can feel her placing this invisible, non-existant label on my forehead claiming that she's better than I am because she doesn't get high.
  16. lol that was what the spanish like to call el terrible
  17. Lol, you trippin' man. Whenever I say a word or something outta line, I repeat my sentence and put the word in it - try to make it seem like I never messed up to begin with. (If that makes sense)

    Haha... you saying rice when you meant spaghetti reminds me of the time I came home after a day of smoking. It was dinner time and we were having sloppy joe. My parents never approved of my smoking habits, and I was still pretty buzzed from the long day. So I calmed myself, walked in, engaged in a light conversation and went to fix me a plate... I forgot the bun! I'm there infront of all my family members (staring at me too), putting sloppy joe on my plate without a bun. I fucked up, but I tried to play it off. To this day, I still don't think they really bought it.
  18. i have a "dont know how high you are untill you come into contact with others" story, i just finished smoking in my room upstairs because only my grandma was home, and she can barely leave her room or anything she is so old, but anyway, im done and she calls for me and asks for a glass of milk so i go get it, once i bring it to her shes like OHHHH thank YOUU and i started cracking up and i couldnt even look at her or anything because she was like clapping her hands and just sitting there like cheering me on. so i just put the milk down and got out of there quick and laughed as soon as i closed the door
  19. Haha Owned.
  20. I am the same way man, I never realize how fucked up I am until I have to talk to someone else.

    For example we roll to the gas station to get dutches. I say to my friends its aight im cool ill go get em.

    "Hey, lemme get a dox o' butches please"

    lol I hate it tho.

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