Close call encounters

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  1. Lets hear everyones close calls whilst getting high ive had too many to be comfortable, lets all share our stories

    Lets just say the country lanes are no longer safe anymore haha.

    Me and my friends were in his car and we decieded to get high one night down some country lanes at about 11pm, we were all just chilling and listening to some music next thing i notice a flash from behind the car FYI all there is round there is farmers fields at first i thought nothing of it and carried on smoking, about 15 mins pass then i noticed some car headlights coming up the country lane and then they suddenly disappered i thought to myself thats weird but shrugged it off, next thing this bright flashlight shined upon the car from a field behind a gate safe to say we all shit it and my friend drove off faster than you can say roll up.

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  2. When I first started smoking me and my friends used to ride around in the car hot boxing it, been so many close calls when police have been behind us never got stopped once though fuck knows how my friend must be a good driver :smoke:
  3. So many months of my life doing that haha great times and shout out to drivers that got us out safe and sound

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  4. Long story short, I was leaving my friends pad after doing some laundry, and the cops stopped me for 'matching the description' of someone they were looking for in the hood.
    They searched me and determined I wasn't who they're looking for. All I had on me was my duffel bag with my clothes in it, and 2 packs of cigarettes; one with cigs, and the other with my weedsack.
    The cops handed them back to me separately and told me thanks for cooperating, but to keep that shit indoors.
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