Close call at college

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  1. So I go to a small university in the midwest with about 5,000 students. The university is pretty laid back about kids having a good time as long as they don't see kids drinking or smoking. There are rarely cops on campus since the university is gated off and has private security patrolling 24/7.

    Well the other night me and a couple buddies drove to a secluded parking lot on campus to spark a couple blunts. (this is no big deal because we usually toke in packed parking lots during the day) We had smoked the first blunt and were halfway done with the second when my buddy said that one of his customers was going to come to the car to pickup an eighth. We continued smoking as a car rolled up on us. we thought no big deal, it must be the kid picking up his bud. as it turns out it was a security officer's car, and he proceeded to approach our car and pointed his flashlight through the window. We hadn't bothered to defog the car because we all just thought it was the kid.

    so at this point im like well we are busted, and now this guy is going to call to police because if someone is doing something illegal on campus, security notifies the police. The security guard tells me to roll down the window, and as i do the smoke basically blasts right through him. (If this guy wouldve inhaled im pretty sure he wouldve swell.) He says nothing about pot, as the smoke continues to pound him in the face. He says "so gentleman i see you got those special ingrediant cigs." I say yes sir can i help you with anything? He says, "nope just checking up on you fellas, have a goodnight guys."

    now running through my head was mass confusion. did we really just get off the hook. i snap myself out of it and then sparked the blunt back up.

    I figure that on a weekend there are so many drunk kids causing problems and disturbing people that security doesn't even worry about a couple guys toking and miding their own buisiness.:cool:
  2. damn thats one chill security officer
  3. Hahahaha great story man what a chill security officer. Honestly thats how it will go most of the time. You guys werent doing anything wrong, you werent harming anyone. You will just kicking back and smokin some blunts. Obviously the security officer saw nothing wrong with what you were doing.
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  4. Haha special ingredient cigs.
    sounds like he knew what you guys were doing, he just decided to leave you alone.
  5. That's the thing.
    Drinkers can become violent or out of control.
    the herb brings the peace
  6. That is pretty awesome man. Yea I think all security guards/cops should recognize that kids smoking and chilling ain't as big a problem as anything else. Did that other kid ever come pick up that 1/8th?
  7. Yes actually he did n we matched him n smoked againg in the same spot.

  8. Haha nice!
  9. how old of a guy was this?
  10. security guy was about 30 id say
  11. damn dude you on finacial aid or anything?? If you are and had gotten busted you can kiss that free money goodbye, atleast that's how it is with my state grant and federal Perkins and standford loans, I'm pretty sure you'd loose scholarships also, so be careful man
  12. Actually I play tennis on a scholarship there. So also bad news

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