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  1. My buddy and I have a little issue....we took some clones(4) off his NL x Big Bud Mother plant, used Dip n Grow 10x dilution and put them in a peat/perlite seed starter mix( party cups). We wet the medium and put them in the dome with a heating pad underneath and some damp perlite in with it.


    1) Heard from many cloning experts who mist and some say to not...again the strain is

    NL x Big Bud

    2) The mother plant's stems are going this day I don't know why this is...why!? :devious:

    3) How big is the cutting suppost to be? Two of our cuttings are 2 inches and the other 2 are 3 inches..

    4) The clones also have semi purple lines going up there stems...bad?

    5) Under a 72w fl. shop light...24/0...about 12-14 inches above the dome. ok?(the plants are at his house so I'm guesstimating.)

    6) Some of the clones have 2 pairs of fan leaves and the others have 3...

    7) will this strain even root?

    Any help appreciated..going over there tomorrow so thanks.


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