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  1. I have a really nice female plant, I was wondering how you clone it or take a cutting or something, not sure of the correct terminology, but I think you get the point.

    Is there a easy guide here to follow?
  2. There is a very nice guide on cloning, I can't find it right now, but as soon as I do I'll post the link. Cloning is actually really easy.

    1) Take a branch from the mother
    2) Leave one set of leaves on top of your cutting, and cut the stem at a 45 angle,
    leaving your cutting about 4-6" long
    3) Dip the cuttings stem in a rotting hormone
    4) Place cutting in propagator. (aero cloner, rapid rooter, rockwool...)
    5) wait for cutting to grow roots

  3. How long should I expect to see some roots? Should the leaves drop?

    I have changed the water with new root hormone every 2 days. They are in day light, no direct sun, just light, 70 degrees or so.

    Any ideas?
  4. If you followed the guide you linked probably 2 weeks but I don't think that is the best method by any means.

    There are actually quite a few ways to clone. You can literally put the cuttling in a couple of water under a single low watt light and it should root after a few weeks...but most people that clone in water setup some type of bubble release to get some oxygen in the water (I assume that is the purpose of the bubbles).

    I think most people use rapid rooter or rockwool squares with trays and a humidity dome. Humidity is extremely import if you're not cloning in water. If you use a clear cup cover it up with tin foil or something to block out light so the roots system doesn't get light exposure.
  5. what did you put the cutting in?

    the leaves will droop for like 30 minutes after you take the cutting but they pick themselves up pretty quickly.
  6. i'm no pro at this what-so-ever. but i did take two clones. first two ever from the first plant ever. honestly i had an idea of what to do, so i just cut the top off a two liter bottle, cut two squares with slits to the center out of styrofoam (cleaned) placed the cuttings in the slits, in the water with a very low dose of rooting solution (about 200ppms) and through in an air tube i've spliced off of one of the two air hoses i have to my b/b. through it in a cardboard box under a bowl reflected 85w65k.
    they never have drooped on me. about 13 days later, i'm seeing root formation.

    again. my first time. jerry rigged cloning system. and it worked. get creative, and good things will happen
  7. I didn't use any bubble system, I guess next time I will.

    I have 4, in plastic cups of water with the root stuff.

    I'll work on something better for my next grow. I just planted some seeds, so I'll be using that plant for the cuttings. My current plants are in flowering so I can't cut any more from them.

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