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  1. ive heard rumors that you can clone a plant at any point in flowering, so i got some rooting hormone and took my first cutting ever. its been in the dome for 3 days now and i spray with dechlorinated tap water twice a day. 2 of the fan leaves have yellowed but my girl is still standing straight up and all of the rest f the leaves look fine. do you think my cutting isnt going to make it and thats why its yellowing or is it from stress and shock and she will recover and go into veg?
  2. is normal for a clone to stress, be yellow and fall down... then it recovers! :hello:

    its probably that they are gonna get worse within these days, because ive been told that is more stressful cloning during flowering, soo dont kill them!! it takes time dude :smoking:

    patience is the key :smoking:

  3. you'll get weird growth and fucked up leaves for a bit but it'll pull through. make sure you leave the dome on until it's rooted fairly well and you should be fine. i don't even use rooting hormone for clones. just cut and stick em in a cup of perlite and a 2 liter cut in 1/2 to make a humidity dome...have had 100% success doing it like this. just a bit slower is all.
  4. Don't forget to change the water once a week, and mist them every day.
  5. thanks for all the advice guys. another leaf has yellowed but the rest are still perky and green. its in a seed/clone starter thing i got from hydro farm. i figure once i see roots ill transplant it to a solo cup or somethin

    ill try and get a pic up later
  6. make sure you dont have your lights too close. clones only need minimal light. a 13W CFL a foot away is plenty of light until they start to get a root structure.
  7. im using tupperware as humidity dome and its kinda see through but not completely. the i have cfls in there not directed at it for heat
  8. put a thin layer of vermiculite/perlite down then rest the cubes on the bed of perl. this way they can leach water up as they need it thru the perl and not hafta sit directly in water. works wonders.
  9. im not to sure, but i think i heard somewhere that the leaves turning yellow is a sign of the plant using the nitrogen from the leaves to produce roots. if this is true then wouldnt it just be sucking out chlorophyll? which int turn i guess is full of nitrogen?? eh?:confused:

    im more confused now then when i started asking this question.:confused: :smoke:

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