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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ryguy10568, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. okay i want to clone a female i have but i don't have the gel stuff or a hummidity dome. can i still do it? any other way? i'm in my parents house and don't have a car...
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    i know a guy that clones tomatoes every year with off brand (Bontone, i think?), and i used some of the rooting powder, took cuttings, left them in water for 10 minutes, dipped in the rooting powder, n stuck in top soil. that was my first time cloning, and its 3 days now, and they still arent drooping or anything. i think some people put too much attention on growing. ive grown for 4 years, and all i do is start seeds on wet washcloths, in a plate and bowl, on something warm, put em in fiber planters cups, and ferting with miracle gro all purpose, like, twice a month, n let nature do its thing, and i still get 1/4 lb per plant, on average.

    edit: just get some rootone, and follw the instructions. you cant fail if you do it right. ive not been big on cloning, cause you dont know if the plant is a male, or female, until a few months later...

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