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  1. Ok i know there is lots of ways too clone, but when people are clonging from the mother plant they have a solotion they dip the new cut into it. If i dont have that and dip it in alot of water and then plant it could that still clone or no? because i cant get too anywhere where they have cloning solotion so any decisions?
  2. I'm no pro, but without a cloning powder/gel, I don't think you'll get a single one to root!! I don't know how they would without something that would stimulate root growth.

  3. i've cloned trees and fruit trees with the same way i clone pot but leave them in water idk how it could be differnt but i dont know much about cloneing
  4. you're going to need rooting hormone. sorry to tell ya.

    you do know somewhere to get it, you just gotta look. even lowes sells it.
  5. You most certainly do not need rooting hormone, a cutting will happily root in a glass of plain water, at which point you can transplant it to a pot.

    Now, rooting hormone will speed up the process, and it will increase your rate of success, but it is by no means necessary, plenty of people don't ever use it. I know I never have.
  6. FTW i would say is very wrong on this one, lets take for example a rose or any other flower, when you put it in a vase of water it will live longer correct? Well besides living longer what else happens? Death! Have you ever seen a plant in straight water grow roots? I know cannabis is a crazy plant but in straight water it will just think that its getting water from the stalk/the plant it was on. You need a hormone to make the plant realize it needs to grow roots to survive. I have never had a successful clone from straight water and ive tried many times. Rooting hormone is cheap you can find it anywhere but i prefer Clonex from the hydro store myself. Good Luck fellow toker.:wave:
  7. This man knows what he is talking about. People that have never grown a plant, let alone an MJ plant, or those that have never even taken clones (and will admit it) should not answer questions they have no idea about.

    You do not need a cloning compound to root a clone. Is it a lot harder to root a clone without it. The answer to that is yes, and the odds are you may get 1/10 clones rooted if you use no rooting gel, but to say that it's impossible is well... ignorant. People that have 0 idea what they are talking about should not spread false info as it only leads to more false info being spread. Until pretty soon you have false info spreading like wild fire.

    Also to the person that used the rose in a vas scenario to compare to pot, here is the fundamental difference. If you want to clone a plant, any plant you have to tell the plant it needs roots to survive. You have to say, I'm going to feed you through your leaves, but you know as well as I know that if you don't grow roots you are going to die. That is why you dip her in water, and say drink up, and recover as best you can from your wound. Then you take her and plant her into some sort of medium, soil, rockwool, jiffy pellets whatever you like. You then continue to to water her through her leaves. If she is strong and healthy enough she will grow her own roots and become her own plant. The reason a flower doesn't grow it's own roots is because it's never taken out of the water. It never is told that it has to grow it's own roots in order to survive.

    Another reason that idea is stupid is because you wouldn't take a whole branch from an MJ plant and just stick it into a rockwool cube and hope it grows roots. That is why cloning techniques tell you that you have to have the right amoutn of leaves. Too many, and you won't be able to provide enough food without roots, too few, and she won't be able to support herself.

    It's all science and botany.
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    Dowork you make a very valid point I myself have never gotten a successful clone from straight water. But who wants 1 in 10 odds anyways, i dont believe I said its impossible but to say its worthwhile would be wrong. You sound like a very smart guy who knows his stuff, i guess i just had a bias because mine never took before. I went off my experience alone i suppose +rep to you. Just i dunno seems silly when rooting hormone is so cheap. If you got 1/10 odds you would hack the crap outta your plant before you got enuff clones even if just looking for 1 and your yield would suffer making it almost pointless.
  9. Ohh, I completely agree that you should get a rooting compound, especially considering you will get almost 100% results with a rooting compound, assuming you are taking cuttings from a healthy mum, and are offering good conditions for the clone.

    I just dislike it when people give info that they have no idea about. To say it's impossibly is down right silly. To take a clone from any plant all you need is a stem, a leaf, some water, and a whole lot of luck. All the rooting compound does is put greater odds in your hand.

    And to OP. You can buy rooting compound on the internet. I think so many people get so paranoid about the fact that they are growing pot that they don't see the big picture. The only thing illegal about growing pot is the plant itself. The nutrients, the soil, even the lights that you buy are not illegal to have, buy, or even order online. People just get so scared about growing pot, that they don't realize these things.

    Also, you can get a rooting compound at any nursery in your area. In fact some stores like wal-mart or your local large supermarket might even have some sort of rooting compound. It maybe seasonal at a place like that, but odds are you can find something there. Home De"pot" and Menards is also a good place. If you're a Euro, or from anywhere else but the US, then use your imagination, but rooting compound is something you should be able to find unless you live in Ethiopia or something :smoke:.
  10. lol @ more politely
  11. I'm not saying you can't get a stem to root if you have it submerged in water for 100%. I'm sure it would work. But like I said the plant still figures it out that it needs to grow roots in order to survive. You say potato, I say potato (get it?).

    Either way the methods work. As long as you will agree that plants don't need a rooting compound to take root, then your methods are ok with me.

    I'll stick to the rooting compound, into rockwool, and sprayed with water twice a day. I get 75%ish results, but I account for that, and I don't have to build any machines. I'm just a lazy mofo in that matter ;).
  12. i root my clones in nothing but ph'd water and have never had any problems. rooting hormones just a waste of money imo.

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