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  1. Yo i needs some help here. nver cloned or attempted to clone so here we go. i got some Schultz Take Root rooting hormone and i dont know what the fuck to do with it. it says to stir cuttlings in the powder and plant. is it really this easy or am i just making shit more complicated than it really is?

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  2. Hey Pimp,Thats about it.I did not like the powdered hormone,I had much more success with gel type hormone.When you cut the clones off the mother cut them at an angle,dip them in hormone and get them in your medium a.s.a.p. They must be in a very humid enviroment so you will need a dome.I spray water inside my dome once a day and open my dome for a couple minutes twice a day.Fresh air is very important. Clones rooted under low light levels will be more successful than bright light.Bright light can make them yellow faster.I take 20 clones a month with 100% success this way.
  3. I got a rookie question to.. I've already moved my plants into 12/12 for a couple weeks, how long before/upto I harvest can a I make clones
  4. I would not take a clone from a plant that has been flowering for more than two weeks.It can work,but would take longer with a lower success rate.If you leave enough vegatation on after harvest you can re-veg it and take clones then.

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