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  1. My plant is 24 days old and I've already pinched it's top. I'm not sure of the sex yet but I don't really care I just want to keep the phenotypes its showing going regardless of being male/female. It seems a little early on, but I was thinking of taking a clone off of it. I want two plants of a close age of the same pheno, my question is how early can I do that? Is it still too young to take a clone?

    *i have another plant thats 24 days old, it's true leaves got nutrient burn early on but those were the only leaves affected so i was wondering if i can cut those off at this young or if i can chop the burnt tips at least

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  2. i guess you could top the plant and use that as a clone but there really isnt anything to clone on that plant.

    you clone from side branchs and you are still 3 weeks or so away from having branchs you could take clones from, maybe even a little longer.
    i like to take my clones after a week or two in flower when they have stretched but not really started flower production yet but you dont have to do it that way, you could just grow it out until branchs come and take those. either way you are weeks away from doing anything with it in my opinion.

    it looks good though. a little stretchy so give it more light if you can and the branches should come in soon. you can see where they are starting to alreayd between the nodes.
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  3. Skyline is correct I wouldn't clone off of such young plants.
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  4. I usually clone right before I flip into flower. That gives me 8 weeks to grow the clones and that is usually to long anyway. When I had mothers I would clone 2 weeks after I flipped to flower.
  5. If that's too long for you then you can always clone during flower. That's what I do
  6. I have always had mothers so this cloning from flower stalk is new to me. How long into flower do you clone? I wouldn't think past week 2? Do they take longer to start taking off? Thanks
  7. You can clone all the way up until harvest. Yes it does take an extra couple days for the plant to revert back to vegative state and get growing normally but a couple days isnt anything when it works with your schedule better. I normally clone 4-6 weeks into flower. It's a technique called monster cropping. A monster cropped clone tends to brush out more and have more branching which I particularly like.
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  8. Sweet! Thanks I will try that next cycle. I think week 2-3 of flower would work for me.
  9. Thanks for the info!

    But, can I take off unwanted/unhealthy leaves at this young?
  10. yes you can but i would like to mention to you there is nothing unhealthy/unwanted on your plant.

    aside from stretching you are looking pretty good. more light and you should be in tip top shape.
  11. Yea, i actually was growing it on a balcony to start and thats how it got stretched, now its under a 4 bulb cfl and its internodes are getting closer.
    In my post theres a picture of a different plant, i want to take off these true leaves.

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