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  1. Hi People! Brought one of these in the hope that it would make cloning a bit more easier....I've watched a few videos a read up a bit and had some advice but was wondering if anyone that uses one of these could give me some tips/advice which will make my chances of cloning more successful [​IMG]

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  2. I always just use jiffy pellets water and a few CFL's. [​IMG][​IMG] I get 8/10 roughly and it takes 5 days to 3 weeks depending on the strain.

    The biggest thing is to be patient with them and let them do their thing... some strains take longer than others.

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  3. [​IMG]
    I do 3 fingers of stem and a thumbs worth of the fan leaf
    The more you take the better the odds
    Humidity dome off for the picture
    I get about a 90% success rate @ 3 weeks.
    Clones need 100% humidity the first week and about 90% for the next 2
    Can spray the dome but don't spray the plants themselves.
    Regular tap water and a dip in cloning gel and I pack the stems in the cubes with extra rock wool until the cutting is tight in the cube
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  4. Thanks bro good sound advice

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  5. Do you shave the bottom of the stem or not? Also do you put the cutting in water first or straight into the rooting gel as soon as you've cut? Thanks in advance

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  6. Nice man! Keeping it basic. Loving the nice healthy green colour in the leaves. Good job

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  7. @Clinton Kong
    No shave anymore as it doesn't seem to matter. No soak either just cut, dip, and cube.
    I keep my clones as small as possible as it's Southern California here and I never could keep big cuts alive in our high heat and stone dry humidity.
    Takes a bit longer for them to grow up but I'm in no hurry for them to clear the cloner. Years at this and I've had a solid routine running for a long time now.
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  8. Do you prep your rockwool prior to insertion ?
  9. Most of my PLANNED clones have failed..BUT, I took a cutting, soaked it in Aloe Vera Juice (freshly cut), put her into Solo cup with FFOF soil, added a DIY humidity dome (plastic bottle top cut off) and voila..DA CLONE..(10 days later I saw roots!
    Looking pretty healthy for my 1st successful clone Me Thinks :)
    Unfortunately my flower tent is full now, so she will have to veg for a month longer in the makeshift closet veg room..(never thought she would live..HahHah)

    Can't believe the simpler system worked where my "fancy" DIY Cloner did not..LMAO
    Strain MSNL GDP
    Soil FFOF
    Canna Terra Vega nutes (1/4 strength to 75%)
    Water PH 6.2
    Today's pic..(started LST last week)
    8-9-17 clone.jpg
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  10. Hey guys, I was going to start cloning and I I have a question. How long can clones stay in the cloner before they need to be planted? I don't have eneough room to setup 2 different rooms for a veg/flower cycle. I was going to keep the clones in the cloner until I got to harvest and then veg a new clone. Thanks!
  11. Are you gonna take clones then change from veg to flower?

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  12. Put mine in the cloner today[​IMG]

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  13. @mrvideo
    I follow the cube directions and presoak each cube in PH corrected water before popping the stem in.

    You can hold them in the cloner a while until they start touching the lid.

    The further into flower the less likely the clone is to take. Much past mid flower and I have a really bad hit ratio.
    The best clones and plants are never flowered and are taken in full veg.
    Not all strains come back well from flower and some are never quite right afterwards. It's just something I've seen and learned the hard way after enough years at this.
    My Blue Dream is very Sativa and will come back fully if pushed to flower but my New York Sour Diesel will always have a preflower fuzziness to her veg if pushed into flower to sex for example.
    When I start a new strain I take cuts and flower one of them out to sex so the original is never flowered.
    Not always possible if you run a single tent but I run the cloner in the garage so the long hours of light don't matter.
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  14. Well can't you take clones 3-4 weeks into flowering?
  15. Within 2 weeks of flip is ideal. Imo

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  16. While we're on the subject of flipping....I took my clones today but in desperate need off flipping cos they're getting too big. Do I need to give the plant time to recover or can I switch to flower tomorrow? I only took two cuttings from each plant, they're still bushy as hell. Thanks in advance

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  17. I take clone cuts up to four weeks. Ladies don't mind they just focus on the rest of the bud sites.

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  18. What's the latest you can take clones?
  19. Lower cuts can be up to the 4th week of flower before they start forming flowers

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  20. I took these 3rd week of flower and these pictures are ten days after. I lollipopped the plant but still got some lower growth which I left cos I wanna see how far into flower I can go with taking clones [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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