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    Is it worth getting a cloning machine or is it practical to just do it in some rockwool in a humidity dome? I have succesfully cloned vegtable plants b4 but would like to here some methodes from some other people if the clone machines arent worth it. I dont have more than a couple clippings so im looking for a high success rate.
  2. I love aero cloning. I have 90-100% success. I think I built my DIY cloner for about $45. If your dealing with a few cuttings, there is a coffee can cloner floating around here. IIRC think DDD did a tutorial it's called Faye's coffee can cloner. Someone will pop in here to post a link.
  3. When I started I had no luck with rockwool or peat plugs. Most likely because my conditions weren't right and my busy life bein a single dad of 3 girls I couldn't keep up with the maintenance. I built my aero Cloner with a 20gal tub, some screw in misters, some PVC and a submersible water pump. I use turbo cloner collars and a C.A.P. timer. The timer was 75 and that was the biggest expence. It sure beats the 300$ for a name brand aero cloner. With a little ph balanced water and dipping the cuts in honey I've had 85-90% usually. I've had some hang ups with tryin different solutions and my temps going too low but that was my first and only success getting roots. If you're having trouble. Cloning in other mediums then a cloner is for sure the way to go DIY or store bought is up to you they work wonders.
  4. When using the aeroponics do you add anything to the water? Do you still dip into rooting hormone before placing into the cloner?
  5. Depends on the strain usually. Everytime I've added anything to the water I had issues. The main thing is to keep the ph in the right spot daily and make sure everything has been sanitized. I've used KLN and hygrozyme as well as clonex solution but also had success with plain water at 6.0 ph. And rooting gel is never needed for rooting at all. I use honey
  6. H20 only changed weekly. Everytime I added stuff I didnt think it did enough to get me to do it again. Usually have roots in 10-14 days.
  7. I use rockwool cubes and humidity domes and have 100% success. You HAVE to process the cubes properly before use (soak and flush as per manufacturers info) and keep the vents cracked slightly on the domes.
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    Heya ds,

    I myself use cloning gel/powder, pro-mix, EWC's, and perlite. I keep the humidity dome temps at 77* F. I never mist the clones directly. I only mist the inside of the dome. There is little turgor in the petioles and stem so the added weight of the water when direct misting makes them droop.

    This is the method I use and I have never felt it necessary to buy/build an aero cloner due to the success of this method.

    Are aero cloners faster? I am not sure I have never tried one. Maybe someone whom has tried both methods can comment. I myself have no reason to speed anything up.

    If I was growing for other folks and needed more than 10 clones at a time I might research it further, but I am a crotchety old bastard, and live by the rule "if it ain't broke don't fix it."

    That is my 2 cents and that is about all it is worth.



  9. Lol! MGB. I think of you like L'Oreal-- You're worth it too. :eek::smoking:
  10. aero cloners are awesome for cloning organically. no rooting hormone needed. just be sure to use well water/tap water for your water; avoid RO and distilled. your water for any type of hydroponic/aeroponic system MUST have a buffering capacity.
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    When using a EZ clone style cloner should you use a humidity dome? Is foliar spraying needed or is the stems pulling enough water for them to survive? I get sighns of nutrient deficiency around a week into cloning. Yellowing some drooping etc.
  12. No need for a dome
    No need to spray

    Yellowing means your close to rooting. Check for root bumps, did you use any thing in your solution?
  13. Didn't use anything in the water. I do have bumps on half of the clones. Today is day 10. I had never heard that yellowing is a sighn of being close.Thanks for that info.
  14. Good job not adding anything. I've done better using nothing.

    Another thing to remember, if using an aero cloner. Add as many cuts to your cloner as possible. The of the plants have hormones called auxin that induce rooting, the more cuts the more auxin that's being released into the water and will equate to quicker rooting.

    Oh one last tip, if the cuts aren't dead, you still have hope. I've had some cuts stay alive for a month and finally root. Good luck
  15. I made a coffee can cloner out of a shoebox sized clear plastic tote. Added water and airstones, cuttings in sponges... I have been bubbling under t5's for almost a week. I noticed that the air hose seemed a bit slimy, I've read that I should change the water weekly and know that algae might be an issue with the container being clear. Question is should I black out the container so no light gets in and will light penetration affect my rooting results? Thank you all in advance this place is great!
  16. Hi everybody :wave:. I use a cloner that was based on an idea from Fayn2madness. I made from things I already had laying around the house and improved upon by Papawayne and a few other blades. I dont use any powders, gels, NOTHING except for air stone, RO water and a heater...thats it. I dont use a dome but I do mist a few times a day and I dont trim the leaves. I rarely get yellow on any leaves. My success rate has never been less than 100% and I usually have roots in 5-10days. I made a DIY for it with plenty of pics and linked in my signature in hopes that others can save themselves a few bucks and still get good clones. ;)
  17. So do you think that light penetration into the water has any effect on rooting? I too am using a heater; yellowing started a day or so ago and seems to be getting worse. I read your diy thread and that's why I made this.. I did not have a coffee can unfortunately but liked how the lid fit on this. DDD do u think I should black out the container?

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    I personally have never tried it in a clear container but I remember having some discussion about it where some have said that they have cloned other plants in clear container. My mome uses jars with just water and put in a window to root cuttings from her house plants. Cannibas might be different in that regard though so I cant say for sure. I have light leaks all over my cloner and they dont seem to hurt anything.

    If you dont have roots by now, you could black the container out and see if it helps. BTW, if you do this please post something in the coffee can cloner thread. We would like to get some follow up on that question. :)

    Yellowing on the clones isnt a bad thing. I just mentioned it because I have not had it happen for my cuttings that were transplanted after good root growth. Once (as an experiment) I allowed clones to sit in the container for approx 3 weeks to see what would happen. I ended up with some yellowing and stretching at the point.

    EDIT: I did notice that your cuttings are from a flowering plant. In that case, the yellowing would be normal I think since you are reverting to veg/rooting. It should take longer.
  19. Okay thanks! They were taking from flowering plants. After reading your thread I got excited (as I've never had very good results cloning) and wanted to save these genetics. I have some vegging plants I could clip and try but different genetics. The air hoses seem a little slimy, is it time to change out the water? I started on the 19th. I have a black 3 gal bucket w lid but it won't fit under my ghettofied veg setup. I just figured out how to post pics so maybe I'll start a journal finally. Thanks again
  20. I've been going about my cloning probably as simply as it gets, and also get 100% success. I've been taking straight ProMix, adding just enough castings to it so that it's in there and using 16oz cups and a clear dome. I haven't been using anything but water, but the trick I got from someone was to cover the top of the cup with a piece of tinfoil and poke a little pencil hole in the middle and insert the clone into the pre-moistened medium.

    Then I walk away. I've been leaving them for two weeks but there's probably roots sooner - I just only use so many though so it doesn't matter to me on the extra few days. By being covered with the foil it keeps the medium just perfectly moist. They never yellow and stay looking exactly as they did when I cut them - green and healthy.

    Just a different but simple and effective way to clone. I swear it's almost impossible to NOT get roots. I like rooting into the ProMix and castings cuz there's no transplant shock at all.


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