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  1. i have had terrible results cloning . have tried lots of different mediums ie: peat pots , rock wool and oasis .

    i have been mixing Super Max B1 in the water that the cubes or peat pots are soaked in ,also clones when cut are put in this solution .

    have tried with a dome , with out a dome , this time no dome just spray twice a day with the Super Max solution .

    4x 23 watt cfl daylight bulbs and temp between 70 to 75 degrees .

    less than 50% will root , most rot ( stems or leaves ) .

    any suggestions ? --- Erb
  2. are you cutting at a angle?. also i make the dirt so moist normal plant would drown in it. remember to cut of the exess leaf up the stem as the plant cant keep them all alive. i never use any rooting solution but i use a dome. my dome usualy has water droplets from evaporated moisture on the sides. also my clones are usualy like 2 inch long tops. anyways this is what i can think of good luck
  3. I use rooters, humidity dome with one vent half open, small co2 exhale pads, some cheap rooting powder from Menards, mist once a day for the first 3-4 days, after that just keep you rapid rooters moist. I also set the dome at the side of my vegging girls so the clones don't get too much light. I take probably 20-30 clones every two weeks. Very rarely do I have a clone not make it. If it doesn't make it it's normally because I tried to clone a branch that's a little weak.
    I've been cloning for a while but it has always been one of the easier things.
  4. i use cloning gel and cut at an angle . do you trim off most of the leaves ? or just cut the leaves 1/2 off --- Erb
  5. lets say the branch has 4 sets of leafs i leave the leaf closest to the end of the branch and snip off the rest.
  6. Shagwelll's 8-STEP instructions on cloning:

    1) I soak rockwool cubes in a gallon of water with 2 tsp of big bloom in it for 24 hours prior to cutting.

    2) Then I'll cut a clone at a 45deg angle, make sure the cutting has at least 3 nodes (i usuall do 4-5 nodes) on it.

    3) Then I cut off all the other leaves other than the 2 leafs on the top.

    4) Then I'll dip it in CloneX and then stick it in the rockwool a few times

    5) Mist it with a sprayer

    6) Put it in a humidity dome

    7) Set it on 1x18w cfl

    8) Mist it once or twice a day

    Approximately 10 days later, they show roots.

    I saw this method in a youtube video and tried it for the first time and it worked.

    **Trick is not to pull the clone out of the rockwool to see if it has roots or not. Because when you pull it out to see, the new roots will break off.**

    Just wait until the roots show through the rockwool cube.

    And roots dont grow directly out of the bottom of the clone but the roots come out about 1/4" inch above from the bottom tip

    Currently doing my 2nd batch of clones now and there is no doubt in my mind that this won't work.
  7. thanks --- Erb

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