Cloning woes, help me out please

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by CurtChronic, May 15, 2010.

  1. Alright, well, currently on my first grow, it's in the flowering stage. Prior to moving her to the flowering closet I tried to snag a few clones. None of them made it, and it's obviously too late to take new ones.

    But if I could find out what went wrong, that would be great.

    I was using Rapid Rooters, kept them when and sprayed them a few times per day. The clones didn't wilt, but they didn't root either after two weeks. So, I finally took them out of the RRs and the stem seemed brown and kind of rotted. Was I keeping them too wet? Should I only keep the RRs just wet enough to not be hard? Was there some other problem?

    I sliced it at an angle, slightly "skinned" the bottom of the stem, dipped it in Dutch Master Replicator cloning gel. and gently placed them in the RRs. I used a heat mat at night to keep them warm but I have something in between the tray and the mat as to prevent them from getting too warm since my mat doesn't have a thermostat. I checked them and they definitely didn't get too warm. I also used a humidity dome to keep the humidity up.

    So where did I go wrong?
  2. if your plant is not too far into flower you can take a cutting...they take longer to root but they will revert and root
  3. ^^^what he said!^^^ i've taken cuts as late as 21 days in. keep the cuts warm day and night. drop a temp. gauge in thru the dome vent and keep it in the low 80's. i always know when i have it just right, when i see a light mist on the inside. you don't need to be spraying them all the time. just make sure to keep the cubes from drying up.

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