Cloning without root hormones just plain water/heat/humidity problems

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  1. Hey everyone now although soon I will be getting some root hormone just to make life easier however as I had read online elsewhere cloning with just water and a few other basic bits and bobs is easy enough and I have to say it really is true. However each and every time my clones root fine and then they just don't seem to grow. Now I am wondering if anyone has any say on what could be causing this as its not like I have trouble growing from seed in fact I am getting better and better all the time with tighter and tighter internodes, no nute burn or deficiencies etc

    Of course I keep a cut in half bottle over the top and regulary spray both plant and inside of bottle which keeps the humidty high under 24 hours of light.

    Oh and they are being put under 45w 6500k CFL (I will be upgrading and adding another 45w 6500k and 2 x 23w 2700k CFLs as I have had good results with both.)

    I am looking forward to hearing what you think could be causing this
  2. Really hard to tell with no info on what your watering with.What your medium is ect..

    As much info as possible always.

    Reading whats there I have no clue.
  3. Growing in soil although not a brand name it is the perfect PH I also use when needed the BioBizz organic range of nutes including topmax (which is basically just micro nutes lol). I was more just throwing the question out there to see if people have any rough ideas as it has me utterly confused as my babies grow just fine and when I clone they root just fine albeit a bit longer as I am not currently using any rooting hormone. It is once they have rooted etc they just seem to stop and I know you will think give them some more time check PH, humidity etc but the environment is fine and more time makes no difference. It will be interesting to see if when using rooting hormone I see a difference.

    Looking at how things are going this time things appear to be on track so fingers crossed. I will update as and when I figure this out.
  4. How long do you let your roots go before planting? I use a bubble cloner and pure water but after i see roots starting i give them rapid start and the roots explode..i plant in soil when they are 2-3 inches long

  5. That all depends on how they are doing as you can guess although I have pretty much rooted every clone I have ever taken with just plain water and a ghetto humidity dome my problems start after rooting in the form of very slow almost standstill growth to none at all.

    To give a rough time-scale I would say between 2 and 4 weeks. I will be this Thursday picking up some bits from the local garden place so I think it is time to get some root hormone lol
  6. I root clones in peat pellets. they usually show roots within a week, one time I had roots poking through in 3 days, but usually about 5 or 6 days. I always use clonex rooting hormone gel.

    I would say what your using is plenty of light. there's no need to add more. I only use 30watts of CFL with mine. I find 2700k lamps work better than 6400k

    adding a heat mat underneath can also speed things along.

    if your getting 100% success rate I wouldn't worry too much. a lot of people struggle to get roots at all
  7. I but my own hydro cloner. I bought a plastic box and coveted all side with duct take to block light, I drill 8 2" holes and place net baskets filled with hydroton in the holes, I then ran an air line attached to an air stone running off an 5-20 gallon aquarium pump, I use plain tap water but you can dip in hormone solution prior to placing them in their basket. You can add hormones to the water but once again it's not needed. The clones take root in 7 days roughly,

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