Cloning without Humidity Dome

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  1. i have one i made and it work's great...your PH sound's out of whack or you didn't properly flush your rockwool plug's before using them..i do a 5.6-5.8 in mine..add some 5-1-1 alaska fish fert in there for some micro and a little advanced nutes grow formula..
    100% rate root's in as little as 5 day's...the ones i'm cloning now have several root's in 5 day's and starting to veg right in the cloner...i also don't transfer to rockwool until after rooted and flushed the rockwool...
    i use neoprene plug's i made instead...does not flux the PH...
  2. No I made a new one using neoprene discs inserts. I stopped using rockwool as plugs. But like I said, still no roots. Can I just add vinegar to the water to lower PH?
  3. yes sir thats exactly what i

    ph down for 85 cent a
    if it get's to low add some tap water(ph up)...a little clorine won't hurt it will actualy kill pathogen's that could harm your clone's..
    good job on the plug's, must of skipped right over that
    ya i'm :smoking: so what!?
  4. This is what I get after close to a month of sitting in a DWC. I assume this is a root? The leaves however look horrible, like on the verge of death.

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  5. wow..are you running a aquarium heater in it? this will stablize your water temp' takes them longer to root in cold water...check it, does it feel cold to you? if it does get a 10 gal aquarium heater..there like 10-15 buck's ...pretty will hold your water temp's flux at all...
    we can narrow it to water temp, air temp, or ph...thats about all there is to go wrong...
    what kinda light you using on them far away..
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  6. here's mine on day 5



    a little bit of leaf yellowing is normal, that just mean's there focus is now on root development but there is a difference in dying and yellowing a little..
  7. I'm thinking its going to be the water temp then since I am not using any kind of water heater. I'll try using one and if that doesn't speed up the process then I'll add vinegar to the water to lower PH. What should the water temp be?
  8. Just put in a water heater and will check the temps in an hour. The temp of the water was below 68...:-(
  9. bingo! we found one critical problem..below 68 is def to low i stay around 74-76 degree's..
    also , the more air the better in your water, it will speed up the proccess..i use a dual air pump, run two lines in, then put a T fitting on each line...then i run 4 small stones...really help's and dirt cheap...
  10. Ya I am using two 10' stones with a dual air pump.
  11. your good then..
  12. the first time i took cutting i went with 2 3" clones. cut them at 45 and cut rite down middle 1/2". taken 2 weeks into flower. after 3 or 4 weeks in a tupperware(no dome) with 1/4" water in the bottom. they completely died turned yellow n purple, then recovered and rooted. but wow these plants are hardy. now i have wised up and using dwc no dome and tray with dome.
  13. Temperature was the issue. I know I am not crazy but I do feel like a moron because I just looked and see that 3 of the clones that are currently in the DWC have popped roots. I'm amazed that temp played such a huge role in their development, and to see them pop roots so fast after adjusting the temp with a water heater blows me away!
  14. hey hey do u knw if its better to use like 2 ten inch stones compared to 4 regular small stones?
  15. ha ha! see we found the problem! no well i'm glad i could help bro..
    good luck on your that your getting root's i'd put a tad bit of veg fert in there...this will help the leaves from yellowing and it will start growing right out your dwc

  16. i imagine it comes out about the same...i like the little ones cause they really force the bubbles through with the dual outlet pump's...4 of them make it look like it's boiling...but i only use one 12" stone in my hydro setup's...i run air into both sides of it and it does long as your getting decent bubbles your good to go..but imo, 4 little ones are better, cover more surface area this way...
  17. hey im just wondering how those clones did?
  18. Most did pop roots but the leaves shriveled and dried up. I think I waited too long to correct the temperature problem.

    Now since I switched using 1000Hz's method of cloning, 100% success. 11th day I saw roots everywhere.
  19. I used nutrients is that bad

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