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  1. What do you think my chances would be cloning using a DWC, rockwool with hydroton without a humidity dome? Could I just mist the clone more than usual to keep wet and humid?
  2. If your goal is to not use a humidity dome. Use a rubber made tub with clean water, no nutes, and cut holes in the lid for however many clones you want to root. You can use whatever you choose to hold the clones in place. Let the clones hang low enough so the tips of the cuttings are under water. Make sure to have a good aquarium pump to pump plenty of air into the water. With the tips submerged into the water there will be no need to have a humidity dome or mist as they will draw water from underneath. I have used this method always and have had a 100% rooting successe every time. Good Luck!
  3. Or a big bowl and some saran wrap will work.
  4. Really? Wow, I thought that it would kill the clone by drowning if I did that...So the stem actually grows roots directly into the water? Damn...learn something new everyday. Ya I am using two 12" air stones in the tub.
  5. So wait...The stem goes through the rockwool, through the hydroton, through the net pot and submerged in the water???
  6. I clone with rooting powder and compost and that's all, no humidity dome and no misting and they still root. It's just coz I'm a cheap fucker, but my motto, if it ain't broke, don't fix it and that way of cloning is working marvelous for me so far ;) 24/7 light
  7. I do the same, except I don't even use the root hormone. Cut 'em, soak in water for a bit, and into the dirt. So far I got 10 of 32 with roots, and only 5 died off, the rest are still coming along fine.

    It may take a bit longer this way, someone suggested using honey to promote the roots.
  8. I see he is using neoprene discs something I dont have...hmmm...I think I'll just stick in rockwool for now and hope for roots...He also says that he doesn't submerge the stem. Hmmm...confused.
  9. I was just using that post as an example to help you "see" what I was trying to explain. You can use whatever you wish instead of neoprene discs. I just used some thick foam board and cut out some discs with slits to insert the clone. I do submerge my clones about a 1/4 inch in the water with a very high amount of bubbles. I always have roots showing in 3-4 days with a 100% success rate.

    If I understand you right. You are just wanting to put a new clone in the DWC bucket and start your grow that way. Is that right? If so just raise your water level to the bottom of the net pot. That way the bottom of the net pot is touching the water. Also raise your light as far away from the clone as possible. Keep check on the little one constantly to make sure it doesn't dry up and mist it as needed. After you see roots develop you can lower your water level as needed until you get a good root ball going. Then you can add your nutes. Hope that helps you out some.
  10. How many clones do you think I could get from this safely, without stressing this mother out too much? I was thinking 2 maybe?

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  11. Another dumb question. Lets say I had 3 clones in the same DWC, the roots are ok to grow next to each other, touching, intermingling etc...???
  12. You got a good start there. I do recommend the foil tape to help block the light from reaching the water. Sure rockwool would be fine to use as a medium to hold your clones. Just make sure you presoak your cubes in PH'ed water before putting any cuttings in them. I would suggest putting one layer of hydrotron on the bottom of your net pots and place the cube with the clone on top of the layer of hydrotron. Then fill in around the cube to fill your baskets up. The reason being is that the layer of hydrotron will keep the cube from being over saturated with the water touching the bottom of the net pot.

    As far as how many cutting you can take from your mother. I see atleast 4 good options for cuttings just from the pic. As long as you keep a few side branches and fan leaves growing you will be ok. Just because you have a good side branch for a cutting doesn't mean you have to cut the whole branch off. You can cut it at a node, just like topping.

    The only dumb questions are the ones never asked. The great thing about growing from clones is that you know what it is. The roots are fine to intertwine amongst themselves. The only time you would have any worries if you start from seed. Then it would be a real pain to remove all the roots of a male. I like to have some Hygrozyme on hand just in case in root problems arise. Hygrozyme from my understanding helps remove dead root matter and keeps the roots nice and white.
  13. Hey man thanks alot. Ya this is def a female, I've already sexed it by switching to 12/12. She is back in 18/6 now and doing good.
  14. buy a pool noodle, they are made of neoprene.
  15. I think what I'll just end up doing is using my Clonex gel and sticking it in a water soaked rockwool cube. I'll mist it alot and just watch to see if it pops roots after a week or two...
  16. I probably did the cuttings wrong, please advise if you think there are too many fan leaves. I thought that the more leaves the better as the water is coming through the leaves until the stem actually roots. The 3rd cutting is just 1 fan leaf. I had planned on just taking two clones and cut one of the fan leaves off the other branch and decided to stick it in rockwool just to see if anything happens.

    I used Clonex for the cuttings then distilled water on the rockwool. I'll continue misting them.

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  17. Would Styrofoam work to hold the cuttings in place?
  18. it could, but it could also be toxic to plant life. It's hard to tell, styrofoam is made in so many ways with different mixes of chemicals.

    Neoprene is probably your best bet. Pool noodles cost about 3 bucks and are being stocked almost everywhere for summer season.

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