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Cloning with Superthrive?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Gardengineer, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Heard that clones will root by simply using superthrive alone in water? Anyone else done or heard this? Or am I better off just using rooting compound?
  2. I was lazy a few weeks back, and took cuts using only soil, water, and superthrive, and a touch of molasses pre-watered into the soil.

    it shot 50%, but I took some tiny cuts...couple of the failures were from stem decay.

    rooting hormone isnt absolutely required, but it does help
  3. Looks like I should just go invest in some rooting compound and a bag of FFLW then.

    Anyone else have any experience with it? Also, any rooting compound to get in particular, or some to stay away from?
  4. I've used Superthrive with good results, but my best results are when I soak the fresh cuttings in a solution of Dyna-Gro K-L-N for 30 minutes, then dip the prepared stems in a rooting gel. (Currently using Olivia's, but have used Clonex).

    Everybody has a way which works best for their needs, and there are several different methods that all end up with the same results. You'll probably have others weigh in with their methods.......take the info that suits you best and develop your own style.......Good luck.
  5. i've cloned using nothing more then aerated water...
    They're not huge but they were on 12/12 from clone
  6. you can clone with just water. thats how they used to do it way back in the day. I'm sure superthrive will help them stay healthy but I don't know if it will help them root faster or not. you can get small packages of cloning gel for $5 at most hydro stores and that will speed up the rooting time for sure.
  7. Superthrive has B vitamins which are good for seedlings and clones..anything with B vitamins will help
  8. I've used a drop or two of superthrive, in my clone water, but haven't had any better, or worse results than when I clone in plain water...
  9. DIY clone machine, clean water, and super thrive, 10 days.

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  10. easy cloner will only need water n super thrive. i even seen em in an easy cloner with just water.

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