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Cloning While Flowering

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by AXA, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I have a quick question. I've never cloned mj before and the only thing I'm unsure of is... WHEN do you take a cutting?

    I would preferably like to take a cutting after I've sexed the plant as female, which would mean the plant is already in flowering...

    So I guess my revised question is, can you clone mj during flowering and put the clone into veg?

    Thanks guys. This forums a great help! :smoke:
  2. Yes, you can. Don't be surprised if you dont get too much of a huge yield from that cloned cutting during flowering.
  3. why do you say that? from my experience yield shouldnt change much if you take the cutting and throw it in veg
  4. When the lady changes over to flowering the chemical structure of the plant changes or something(im sure someone will know what i mean), i think you should be alright early in flowering though, just dont be taking any cuttings 5 weeks in obviously
  5. Based from my past experience i havent seen the same amount of yield in the re-vegged as i saw in the original plant that was cloned. Could have just been poor genetics but i often had to deal ph problems and maybe got half? the yield as the original.

    Same light, soil, nutes, etc. Probably genetics.
  6. it could be genetics, were they bought strains? were they grown the same (topped and size)? i guess most of the clones i have seen were actually taken while still in veg then the mother was put into flower. it could be the re-vegging part too
  7. I'm pretty new to this, so what do you guys do for getting a mother for cloning purposes? That is, would you take a cutting of a few labled veg's before you put them into flower, then flower the parents, and whichever clone is from a female, that's your mother?

    I just want a way to ensure I have a steady supply of girls without worrying about letting them seed. But if it gets to that, no prob, i guess! ;)

    This is my exact thinking. And I guess I should've clarified a little more, but I meant the second it shows sex I'd take a cutting.

    thanks for all the info!
  8. All clones from a female will be female. All clones from a male will be male. All a male is good for is pollinating your females and making them seed. In other words, you do not want anything to do with males at this point. Sometimes a female will Hermie on you (both sexes) but, its usually from light leaks during their dark time and a few others.

    Mother should be on constant veg. Cut of from her your clones. Once you have pretty much exausted her (cutting more clones than she can replace) you add another female (partially in flowering state or not) in her place and veg, veg, veg....

    FYI. If you put a plant that has just started budding into veg and can get it to veg, you will see many, many more branches shoot out of the buds and have a much more prosperous mother. With Purple Erple for sure anyways.
  9. It is advisable if you must clone during flowering, to do it no longer than 2 weeks into flowering. Mine usually show their sex within a week of pure 12/12 light dark. 3 ways to meet your cloning needs.

    1. like you are suggesting to sex it then clone it,
    2. to grow a plant in veg state big enough to clone, wait 2 weeks for clones to get legs and then put the little thing in flowering to sex it without disturbing the mom yet then you know right there if the big one is female, if its male destroy the thing if its female take as many clones as you want new plants, keep the mom nice and cosey and enjoy your endless supply of seedless bud.
    3. Buy feminized seeds and never have to waste time wondering.

    Here is a good cycle for steady supply with 5 hydro stages:
    1. Mother stays in vegetative providing clones
    2. Clones in a aeroponic cloner setup getting legs (roots) for 2 weeks to a month
    3. Clones moved from cloner to a drip system or flood n drain system still in veg to beef up for 1 month before going to bloom say 6 of them.
    4. These now moved to 12 hour light bloom for 1 month in light bloom cycle of nutrients
    5. Finally moved to final bloom stage with a full strength bloom nutrient cycle 12 hours light till harvest.

    THIS IS JUST 1 SINGLE EXAMPLE THAT ALLOWS YOU TO HAVE 6 OR SO PLANTS MOVE TO BLOOM EVERY 30 DAYS. Since blooming takes 2 months every month you can cycle into bloom a new set and therefore harvest 1 set every month.
  10. In the past when I've taken clones at 10 days into bloom (because I forgot to take them from that particular strain) and rooted them, once they got a little bigger they kind of looked a little retarded. Twisted, curled leaves, leaves with just two "leaves". The plant has already been triggered to flower and by placing it back into veg, it gets shocked and confused, taking a couple weeks to recover and start normal vegatative growth again. I haven't seen any decrease in yields in these plants. If you have to sex a plant, put it into bloom until you can tell the sex, then just put it back into veg...I wouldn't bother cutting clones just to try to find the sex.
  11. Jiva, good heads up on the perpetual cycle...that is the way to roll for sure. I run two week cycles and I'm always trimmin!
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    You could use the black bag method for pre-sexing so only one branch shows sex after its confirmed female take clipping.
    Im working on my first 'legit' grow and this is what i was planning on doing(granted im no expert)

    start a few plants(to ensure i have at least 2 females)

    after they are at least a foot tall put a dark bag (make sure air can get in but light cant) around a lower branch (crown royal bag should work)

    removing and replacing the bag ever 12 hours

    the branches will show their sex maybe 1-3 weeks in

    keep the healthiest 2 females(i have limited space)

    cut a couple of clippings start to root them and start to bloom the others

    the clones stay in the cloning area to root then veg til the blooming ones are ready to harvest

    the now vegging clones go into flower chamber after taking two clippings to replace them in the root/veg chamber

    this way i wouldn't have to keep a full sized mother in constant veg.. think this is a good plan or pretty bad?
  13. This is pretty much what I do...no need for mothers. Just cut your clones from plants in veg before they go in. Never heard of the "crown royal method", pretty clever.

  14. i would never go this route, too much unneeded stress on the plant
  15. Awesome info, guys.

    I've considered doing a perpetual cycle, however space/security doesn't allow it. Otherwise, I think it'd be a very good option.

    I'm thinking I might just clone as well as let them seed. I'd like to have some backup seeds on hand, as I don't like ordering ;)
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    I have been a long time reader, first time poster and i plan to start my first grow within the next month or 2, but i think i may have had a decent idea for starting a rotation and sexing from first seed.

    What i plan to do is start 10 seeds and label each pot seperate. Once these get large enough to clone/flower i am gonna take clones from all of them, but label the new containers so i know which clones came from which plants. I will then put the plants from seeds into flowering and when sex shows i will pull the males and i will also be able to pull the males of the new clones based on their labels so all the clones i end up with will be all females. I then plan to take the healthiest, prefered smell, etc of my clones and use that as my mother. any thoughts on this?

    oh yea forgot to mention this is how i plan to avoid cloning while flowering.

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