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Cloning... What works for you

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by JROD85, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Ok so for the past year i have been trying to clone my plants. Nothing has worked out at all and about 5 days into it the plants are totally dead.:eek: Im taking the cuttings from the top. I cut it at 45 angle. There are 3 nodes on the cutting. Cut the first node off the cutting and dip it in Clonex. Then directly put them into a hummidity dome. I spray the plants about 2-3x daily giving them light mist. I have a CFL over top about 6" from the top of the dome and a total of 10" from the cuttings. They have a heating pad on the bottom to create heat and keep the inside ruffly around 75-82... Still nothing i seem to be doing is working!!:mad:

    PLEASE HELP OUT and give me any tips you may know!!:D

    In about 3 weeks ill have 3 Mother Skunk#1s that need to be cloned!! and i want this to be a good one!! THANKS:smoke:
  2. Personally, I like taking short clones. One node (maybe 2) is all I usually want. And, cut all of the fan leaves off except for the very top node. I find that it helps. The clone doesn't have to work so hard to keep itself alive.

    I use an aeroponic cloning system. It is just a simple 8 site system, but it works really well and was pretty cheap to build.

    Basically, you take a 2 gallon bucket with an easily removable lid. Cut 8 2" holes in the lid. Then, place 2" net pots in the holes with neoprene collars. Inside the bucket you place a submerisble pump with a 360 degree spray nozzle. Fill the bucket just below the sray nozzle with PH balanced water and viola. Clones. It takes anywhere for 7-14 days for the clones to root. The advantage is that I don't need any rooting hormone. and, I haven't had one die on me yet.

    I think I built the whole system for under $30. Here is a link to the product I got my inspiration from.

    The way I did it before I built the cloning bucket was with rootech rooting gel and rockwool. Basically, take the cutting, dip it in growth hormone and then place it in a pre-soaked piece of rockwool. The, place it in your humidity dome and in a few weeks your clone should root.

    Either way has worked for me. The aeroponic cloner is by far faster and easier, but the old fashioned way works just fine. There are lots of ways to do it. These aren't the only ones. Just keep trying and you will get the hang of it.

    Good luck.
  3. Seems like some peeps hav no problem's while others try every method under the sun. I being the latter,untill i heard of just cloning n water,now i just cut n put n water w/airpump,dash of bloom,change water every 5 days or so. After seeing it n action i tried cloning every part of the plant i could. Wacked the top vegging cola off stuck n water wa-la Roots, took 3wks,wacked even a leaf w/stem same result roots,just like mom used to do,no dome crap,misting,gel. Last batch i used cuttings i had n the frige all rooted and at the moment i'am bubbling 6 Kalichakra clones that r 35 days flower,going to try the flowering clone method. Good luck to ya.

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  4. simple perlite cloner, so effective.
  5. Can you explain the perelite cloning technique?

    Also, how long does it take to root a new clone using your perelite method?
  6. Indica dom strains are (IMO) harder to root than sativa.

    I take cuttings from the Bottom of the plant. I'm not sure, but I think those plant cells are more likely to transform into root cells than those further up the stem.

    I cut small branches stick them in water and then dip in rooting hormone. I put the powdered cutting into a cup of presoaked peatmoss and vermiculite potting mix. We have 85%+ humidity where I live so I don't use a humidity dome and just keep the cuttings in open shade for a week or so and then put them in my growbox to vegetate. I had one whole run of cuttings fail to root this summer...I think it was a disease problem cause I lost some grownup plants around the same time.


  7. i clone using just 100% perlite. All i do is take a 16oz water bottle and cut it down to about half, and fill it almost all the way up with straight perlite. Then i take a cutting that has at least 2 or 3 nodes, and cut the bottom node a 45 degree angle, and dip in water then into rootone rooting powder. I've only done it once, and i got 4 out of 6 this way. i tried using peat pellets but they all died. i read about using straight perlite from Dr.Bud on here and more recently on ICMAG.

    I plan to try making a bubble cloner since im about to be running a sog, and will be taking clones every week or so. good luck!
  8. i clone into jiffy pellets. dont even use rooting hormone. just put them inside a humidity dome and keep them moist. mist leaves everyday! :smoke: i also scratch off part of the stem to encourage root growth.
  9. Ok I have a bubble-ponics system right now that I'm not using. Are you saying that if I take clones from a plant and just stick them in the system they will root? Just strait water?
    Also my clippings are about 5" with 3 nodes... Cut off the first node and trim up the leaves.. Do I have to mist the leaves in the bubbleponic system? Does the system stay on 24/7. How far should I keep my Fluros...

    Any help would be great!!

  10. Dude i've seen my mom do this with house plants too. I was wondering if it worked with bud too. I might try it with a small ass cutting.
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    JR, is your CFL close enough? I do much the same as you, except I put a plastic bag around each pot of soil, stand them in a tray of water, then put 3 clones around one CFL (on 18/6), right up close. I get about 2 out of 3 successful. I know that people with greener fingers do much better.
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    This is extremely simple and natural,nothing fancy.(I know there will be some negative replys to this.)Prepare the cutting as you would with any method,then simply place it about an inch and a half deep in the soil filled pot you plan to grow it in.Within a week the clones take root as long as they are under a vegetative light cycle.I just tug gently on the clones to see if they took root.This has worked on numerous cycles/strains for me.Try it before you knock it.:wave:Oh yea, keep the soil as moist as possible the whole time period that you are attempting to root it,otherwise you probably wont be successful.

  13. Yeah aerocloners are extremely easy to use like mad4reef said...I use a similar design and like him I have never lost a clone using this system.

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