cloning to figure sex out?

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  1. I have read something on cloning early then puting the clone in a place with way less light and flowering it to see if the plant is male or female. Anyone every tried this outdoors?
  2. Well it is the same principle as covering a branch with opaque material for a specific photoperiod (12 on 12 off) It is easier to accomplish inside but you could just have a clone and put it under a bucket or overturned pot outdoors if you really want to use this method. Or you could just look for preflowers about 3 weeks before flowering to determine if it is a male or female.
  3. It would be the same.

    Just use the same light you use to clone. Once its Fully Rooted cut the light back to only 8 hrs. and keep it dark for 16 hours.

    If thats not an option:

    However your cloning, just do the same thing. I dont know if you use the sun or what, but just keep it in the sun from sunrise to like 2:00 or 3:00pm then move it to someplace dark. After a week or two most Indica's will pre-flower. Sativa's can take a bit longer.

    Good Luck.
  4. A lot simpler just to look out for the preflowers.

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