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Cloning Tips? Best Rooting Hormone?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Fruitloops, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. I have a blueberry plant i've been trying to clone and haven't had any success. I've been using the Schultz rooting powder, and have read on other forums it has a 100% success rate. But i have had no luck with it. I cut my cuttings with a razor about 3 nodes down (about 6 inches) of root room. I've tried using humidity hoods and i've tried without. I haven't had one root. I've tried 18/6, 20/4, and 24/0 lighting, always with cool white flourescents which have been excellent for the veg states. What am I doing wrong? I just ordered some rootech cloning GEL, do you think I'll have better success?
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    Here's my method which has served me well:
    Edit: I've found that using Dyna-Gro K-L-N works better for me than SuperThrive.
  3. So far I have had 100% success rate using a 25 site aeroponic cloner and Dyno grow root gel. No humidity dome needed with aeroponics, just mist the first few days. Follow chuchdaddyo advice and they will grow.

    Good luck...

  4. Rootech has worked for me in the past, smear that shit on and i put
    it right into soil.

    What i do:
    1 Sterile barbershop scissors "other types pinch", or use a straight blade

    2 Take the very top of the plant off "2 or 3 nodes of it" or shoots
    from the lower 1/3rd, depending what im going for.

    3 Smother it from tip in -=+ ROOTECH +=- rooting GEL <--- powders suck
    the clone stem is cut 30-60 degrees, anything between is fine
    Tip to the bottom node, protect the plant with the gel.

    4 I plant the clone DIRECTLY into SOIL, nothing else, right into dirt
    Then "DOME" it for humidity after you have the soil moist and misted
    the leaves

    5 The plant will wilt, in 24-48 it should prop up again as the stem takes on water
    Soon, roots will form, at least always has for me.

    I clone under MH, as i dont have floro "i do have my old CFL box but i havent
    turned it on in awhile. Just dont have it up there with the big girls. keep
    the youngin down under the canopy, at least 2 feet away.
    If your grow room temps arent retarded, this will be fine.
  5. 100% sucess on a bubble cloner. 10 -- 14 days depending on the strain.
    There are several DIY's on here for making the cloner.

  6. Thats what Im leaning towards. A Walmart cheap fish tank pump and a container.
  7. I was having trouble with my kush clones, found using a heat mat made a world of difference.

    -1" rock wool cubes soaked in 5.5ph for 4 hours
    -cloning gel
    -heat mat
    -humidity dome
    Most of all patience lol

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