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  1. This plant I recieved three days ago, already at the florewing stage. She was neglected prior to me recieving her. Now she isnt looking to well. Some say shes over watered some say shes under watered. I watered her last night, so i think she was more over watered. Shes outside now trying to dry out the soil. However, im wondering if i took her few healthier branches and water cloned them, if they would turn out okay. This would be considered my last attempt to save her.

    My other idea was to force her back into veg since she just started flowering. But idk if thats a good idea.

    Thoughts, please share. I dont want to loose her 20190831_102638.jpg 20190831_102558.jpg

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  2. When cloning especially cloning a flowering plant, it's way better to have a healthy plant. Since a clone doesnt have roots it survives off the reserves it has stored. A clone taken in flower particularly needs a healthy plant since it also has to reveg itself. I purposely take clones in flower. If that was my plant I toss it as I dont see it as a viable donor or a decent bud producer. You can always try it though and see what happens
  3. See i understand all that. Right now i dont have the resources to start over. If i had more connections for seeds or clones i would. But i just dont at this moment. I figured if i tried it id spray it with liquid kelp every couple.of days so it can absorb nutrients through the leaves.

    Im wondering if anyone has done it.

    I know it isnt a great idea but is it possible or a complete waste of time.

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  4. IMO Start OVER not if its your fault
    I suspect root rot a fungi on the roots from the water

    you could try wash of the soil
    apply a root rot cleaner
    trim heavy
    but even then you push it

    good luck
  5. Nothing is a waste of time as long as you're ok with it. People make too big of a deal out of stuff. You can always learn something. Give it a shot buddy. Atleast you would have tried even if it doesnt pan out.

    While your working on that order some seeds from a reputable seed bank.
  6. U know of any good banks? Im looking at seedsman right now. I dont have much to play woth for seeds at this particular moment

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    I just used Seedsman. Got to me in 19 days. Ordered from MSNL at the same time and got those in 13 days. I've had 0/3 germinate from Seedsman yet (just started) and 3/3 from MSNL
  8. Nice. I ordered from seedsman today. How often have u ordered from them. Ive read reviews of people saying they never got their following orders.

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  9. First time I've ordered. Seeds were all in their original packaging, even with Stealth Shipping. Very discreet. I'm attempting to germinate now so nothing to say about the seeds themselves yet. You can see the size of the seeds in the 2nd pic. Concerns me a little but we'll see what happens. 20190902_203653.jpg

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  10. Keep me updated. I recieved my email this morning about them shipping and an estimated delivery date. Ill post updates. Ill probably make a thread for it

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