Cloning......rockwool, rooter plugs, pellets, water systems?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by JudasCanna, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. I want to start cloning and I've seen people on here do it a few different ways.

    Which ones are the fast, most reliable?
  2. You missed a couple techniques. Add "Soil with clonging gel/powder" Hempy Bucket with gel/powder," "Aeroponic Cloner," "Fogponic Cloner," ets.
  3. Looks like it's 50/50 for Rockwool/Cloning Gel Vs. Bubble-Cloner as I post this.

    Personally I have to say I've not used rockwool but I've used cloning gel with peat pots to great success. The tiny bubble cloner I made myself popped roots in just a few days consistently and at that point you can put it into any medium so IMHO it's a more general purpose method. :)

    I would highly recommend either as they both end up with great results ;)

    Grow on!

  4. Perhaps I didn't throw them in because they aren't as popular of techniques as the ones I selected? Or maybe because I don't care about the rest?

    Why disect the question when it's easier to answer or not?
  5. Come on only one for Rapid Rooters? No way these things are amazing.
  6. I just bought a lil humidity dome that came with some peat pellets for like 4 bucks at the local garden store...gonna give those a try and plan to use rootone rooting powder.

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