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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tommy, May 30, 2002.

  1. howdy everybody,
    couple o' amateur questions for ya,..
    just determined i've got 2 females (out of 6 plants), growing in soil, under 430 hps.
    is NOW the time to take a clone??
    if so, whats a practical way to set up?...i mean, do i need a completely different light setup, in a different room, due to the light/dark period difference (in cloned and flowering plants)?
    any tidbits of info sure would help.
  2. is NOW the time to take a clone??

    Don't know,,,how old/big is it?

    after cutting,,you will need a flourescent fixture to get them going...

  3. both are 2 ft., vegged for 2 months, forced flowering 1 week ago.
    Ndica, how long should i keep clones under flourescents?....hps light is busy with flowering plants (for the next few months).
    trying to carry this out rather economically.
    thanx yet again!!!!
  4. i'll give 'er a try
  5. i have a pretty effective way of cloning so far i am batting a 1000. i took a syrofoam cooler put 6 inches or so of soil. plant the cuttlings, water them, spray them down really good,
    cover the top with a large ziplock bag, i put one of those plant lights with the reflector, and bam tons of humidity and guaranteed to work. im sure someone has done this before.
    just thought id share a little wisdom although i am a newbie.
    my plant is about 9 months old. ive took 5 clones and the mother and all the clones are flowering. i just kept them in the same closet with the 12/12 cycle and they are doing just fine.

  6. I leave clones under the flouros until I see signs of new growth from the chutes,,,then they go under the HID's..

    If no HID right away,,then just keep them close to the flouro,,keeping about 1-2 inches at all times,,until they can go under the HID..


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