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  1. Ok so im planning on getting 3 feminised afghan kush seeds from "world of seeds" but it says not to veg them longer than 3 weeks. Will they be big enough to take clones from at that point and even if so how will cloning a 3 week old plant effect if it went straight to 12/12 after i took the cuttings?
  2. I thought you took clones during the flowering stage, therefore for those without feminized seeds they would know whether or not its a male or female.
  3. Ive been looking at the same seeds. you can veg longer and take cuttings.
  4. if you want to find out if its a male or female, then take a cutting from a plant in veg and when it roots flower it and you will know if you original plant is male or female.
  5. To answer your queston-The breeder recommends a short veg time because im sure it has a gnarly stretch in flower. you can veg a plant for as long as you like but it can become a monster when you flip the lights. And with 3 weeks veg under a 400-1000w MH will let you be able to take a good amount of clones before you flip the lights. Just make sure you take the cuts during veg, during flower might stress the plant.

    No you take clones during the veg state, and if you want to sex them you put your rooted cut into 12/12 to show the sex of the mother plant
  6. i always take my clones as soon as sex is evident which is my case is usually after 12/12 since I am seldom able to determine preflower. I have had very good doing it that way regardless if it is right or wrong it has worked for me

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