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  1. yes ive read the guides out there.
    but would it be better if i took the cuttings from the middle of the mother plant?
    is there a difference taking it from male or female?
    after taking cuttings and putting them in jiffy soil then i put like a plastic covering, they start to wilt brown then die why is that?
    i dont have a camera so i cant post pictures up.
  2. A) no you haven't read the guides or you would know that females are the only viable source for marijuana/THC.
    B) You want to take the cutting from the upper part of the plant, and dont leave too much vegitation on the clipping, as the baby will take off easier.
    C)When you put that plastic covering over, I assume your trying to create the "dome" effect for the clones - this is correct, but you have to allow ventilation periodically over the first few days. Remove from the palstic for a few seconds each day for the first few.Then, when plant displays some vigor, try removing altogether, if they start to droop, re-apply platic shroud. Also, its not as easy as taking a cutting and planting. You will experience a very low success rate. Are you using some sort of rooting gel? Are you providing a good feeding full of vitamin B1?? (eg Superthrive, Thrive Alive bla bla bla) As well, how old is the so called mother plant??
  3. the mother plants are 5 weeks.
    i usually wait just before flowering when i take the cuttings.
    i've been taking the cutting from the bottom of the plants maybe thats y there sdying (too weak mabe?)
    there were guides that says o take from bottom some says middle so i was confused.
    yes im using rooting gel and powder together.
    before putting it into jiffy, i soak them in water with rootbooster and vitamax.
    yea i get very low success rate, i usually do 70 cuttings but only 35 survives.
    is this unusual?
  4. I wouldnt call a 5-week old plant mature nor a mother. Getting there though. Stop taking cutting from the bottom of the plant as they are as you said, too young. what are the N-P-K ratios or nutrients you are using? Use only clippings from the very top of the plant. My "MUMS" end up looking like banzai bushes - you have to "train" them to maximize node development thus providing more sites for clippings. 50% success is definatley low, but you are getting there bro. Are u covering the clones when first made with a see-through dome? Answer these few questions and we'll do what we can to increase that success rate
  5. i dont know the nutrient thing off my heads. but ill find out asap,
    the dome is see through.
    training? i read it but i forgot and cant find it, is it when you tie the tree down for a bit and then release it?
    i tried looking for the guide again.
    now training does it actually work? cause i heard people say it does nothing.
    but since im not expereinced like you ka, i will listen to you more.
  6. Interesting,
    All the guides and books I have read on the topic say take clones from the bottom of the plant. Where you are taking your cuttings from is not your problem.
  7. bottom middle , top? really sddoesnt matter?
    so it must be like the dome or whatever?
    how about bacteria? maybe i have to clean the dome really well?
    i dont know.
  8. In my experience, which is rather extensive, I would have to totally disagree with these so called guides. Currently I have a 90-95% success rate for the most part, and this is not like a strain specific trait (taking clipping from tops of mother plants) Currently, my mothers include Afgahni, Pineapple, Rene, Nebula, Pot of Gold, S.A.G.E, and a few other mystery strains which have all been cloned with great success. To tell you the truth, the clippings taken from the bottom of the plant, since I would tend to believe they are relativley new vegetation and thus, IMMATURE. What I would suggest is posting a picture showing your mother, and an example of how you take the cutting. As well, need to know the nutrient solution you are using eg)0-5-0 = N-P-K ratio. As well, how long are the clipings roughly?? How many nodes do u "keep" on the clipping? How big are the fan leaves generally when making those cuts, and how many leaves do u leave on the clipping? Do you cut at a 45 degree angle? Do u scathe the clipping a couple centemetres above the cut? Do provide your rooting medium with a good supply of nutrients?? B1 being the most important element in this initial phase. Here is the skinny on my operation - I utlize rockwool as my cloning medium - I soke these cubes in a B1 rich solution as well little bit of other food - I let them soak for about a day on average - as well, what is the PH of the water you are using to water at first? I recommend a PH of around 6. I take cliipings as described above (45 degree cut, scathe, dip in root gel) then insert clipping into pre-made hole in rockwool. After Ive made all babies, I cover with hydrodome (can be obtained at most grow stores, they are a black pan-like piece of plastic (black to shield roots from light) and have clear plastic dome that rests on top) I provide "filtered light" for the first day or two (filtered = not directly under lights - of course this depends on type of light being used - but best to do anyway) after under dome for about a day, I release stagnant, moisture rich air from inside the dome, and replenish with fresh air, then cover. Do this once a day for first couple, then more frequently as days pass. Eventually, removing the dome altogether. Once dome is removed, keep close eye on babies to see if they start to droop - if they start to, reapply the dome to make them perk back up, leave dome on, and use best judgement from there.
    So, what do you think about your "guides" now?? =P
    I would suggest using this "guide" as opposed to whatever it is that you are reading now. It has proven extremely successfull for me, and if followed, I imagine you will experience similair results
  9. Sorry forgot. "Training" refers to the technique of clippling off the primary branch above a node site. This forces the plant to produce multiple main stems, in turn, giving the plant the ability to develop more node sites, which allows you to create a hearty mother plant that has many many sites for taking clones
  10. what i use is on this site.
    micro - grow - bloom - humic - fulvic - sensi -
    and watering days - paranah - tarantula.
    i dont know the ph level.

    thas what i use during vegging

    when cloning i use vitamax and rootbooster

    i first soak it in vita max (1-1-2) and rootbooster.
    i usually leave about 3-4 leaves (top ones only)
    i cut at a 180 (now i know it should be 45)
    theres usually 3 nodes 2 on top and one that i plant under the jiffy

    another question. my vegs are under a 1000 watt light i have 70 plants under 2 lights all in 5 gallon pots.
    now a few are about 8 inches tall but most are 4-5 inches tall.
    its been 3 weeks, should it still be so short? shouldn't it be much taller by now?
    does putting more pots under the lights effect the growth,
    what im trying to ask is....

    2 lights, 60 pots 5 gallons towards 2 lights 30 pots 5 gallons.

    would there be a difference in growth?
    thanks man you've been alot of help
  11. Are all these plants the same strain? Different strains will "stretch" quicker. If they are all the same strain, different plants will be stronger than others, regardless of being a clone. Some clones will "catch" sooner, and start to root quicker than others, so, not having all your plants the same height is not that big a deal. In my experience, after switching to bloom, plants still tend to stretch a couple inches in the first couple weeks. 3 weeks vegging, it doesnt sound too horrible, could be better,could be worse. How much upwards room do u have (high is the ceiling, rather, if your lamp is as high as it can go, how much space is can u possibly have between the plants and the lamp itself) 70 plants in 5-gal pots takes up a lot of room To give you an idea of what I consider to be an efficent grow is roughly 20 plants in 1m squared in either 2 or 3 gal containers with a 600w lamp in a SOG config (SeaOfGreen) which means for the most part small, single stem, BIG COLA. This is an idea which you have pretty much followed (2-1000w for 70 plants vs. 600w for 20 plants - pretty relative)how much room are these 70 plants occupying? As far as having less plants in the same area - yes, it will be possible for better growth as more light will be reaching what used to be hard to reach areas of some plants. As well, look at the lower portions of the plants, how much light is getting down there? are fan leaves obstructing lower growth? There are many things to take into consideration, do the plants look healthy? Temperature in room?
    Also, when making clones, I generally only allow one or two "main" fan leaves to remain, as well as the new growth on top (know what I mean?) I would say 3-4 of the bigger fan leaves is too much. To facilitate faster rooting, as I said, try that out. If possible, go make a cutting off you mother plant, and post the picture to show me what it looks like.

  12. So what do I think of my guides now? Hey man, no need to get your panties in a twist. By the way, someone must have slipped some crack into my pipe instead of pot because I always thought that the bottom leaves and shoots were the oldest. After all, those initial cotyledon leaves are at the bottom and the plant grows up from there with the newer more immature leaves and shoots being at the top. Unless the laws of physics are different in your closet than mine, I would take your method and throw it in the garbage can based just on that. LOL Naw, just messing with you man, but really, the newer foliage is on the top of the plant not the bottom. Also, I am not going to hijack kduong's thread and start posting pictures of my cloning mothers here. That's not cool. Oh and buy the way, the cloning info I was referring to is in the book by Mel Frank called Marijuana Growers Insiders Guide. I really don't know how one can get more reliable than that.
  13. While you might be able to apply the word "Training" broadly to any technique that manipulates the plant, your quote above is not my understanding of the typical use of the word "training."

    Clipping the plant usually is referred to as "trimming", "pruning", or specifically "topping."

    Training is to restrain or direct the direction of the plant's growth. LST -- low stress training -- involves things like string or pipe cleaners, not scissors.
  14. Shit! All this time, I've been growing my plants upside down??? I always take my clippings from the bottom of my upside down plants because that is where the oldest, most mature growth is.
  15. relax guys no need to be so mean. if u disagree simply disagree no need to be so negative.

    anyways my room is about 6x4 metres.

    they loook good still just slow in growth

  16. LoL
    And this entire time I thought I was going bonkers.
  17. here is a tidbit of info from "God" himself (well, while he may not be the GOD, but to me, definatley "a GOD")Step Two: Older branch tips root easiest. With a sharp blade, make a 45-degree cut across firm, healthy 1/8 – ¼-inch-wide branches, 2 – 4 inches long. Take care not to smash the end of the stem when making the cut. Trim off two or three sets of leaves and growth nodes so the stem can fit in the soil. There should be at least two sets of leaves above the soil line and one or two sets of trimmed nodes below ground. When cutting, make the slice halfway between the sets of nodes. Immediately place the cut end in fresh, tepid water to keep an air bubble from lodging in the hole in the center of the stem. Store cuttings in water while making more cuttings. - Jorge Cervantes, Cloning Step-by-Step, Excerpted from Chapter Nine, Indoor Marijuana Horticulture, The Indoor Bible. So there it is, "Older branch tips root easiest" TIPS..... this to me means from the top of the plant, not the bottom. Maybe Im just not understanding what you guys are talking about when saying "bottom of my plants" but as I said, I make clones with a very good success rate. Im not posting this to say "I told you so" even though the sarcasm exhibited by a few of you warrants it. I still would like to see what you guys are talking about when saying "from bottom of the plants" Can someone post a pic maybe in a new thread showing where exactly you guys take your clipping from?ToastyBiz - You are right, I missused the word training when I should have said "topping"
  18. i think Im finaly on the same page as you. you make the cuts from the top of the LOWEST branches - right? What I was confusing was making the cuts at what I would consider to be the TOP of the plant, which we both do, but the thing regarding the LOWEST branches was where my confusion was. Probably because I rape the hell out of my mothers, and it still is never enough. Top, bottom where ever. I actualy have 2 mothers of most of my strains specifically to keep up with demand in "baby making"

  19. Correct.

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