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  1. Hey guys, another question here :)

    I am looking to do an SoG using clones from and Ice mother.

    I have two Ice plants 3 weeks into veg. How much longer until I can start to clone? What supplies will I need to begin cloning?

    How many mothers should I have going in order to keep a steady flow of 40 clones for every harvest? Ice has a flowering time of 8 weeks.

    Is it possible for me to harvest 40 clones every 8 weeks? Once clones are rooted am I able to automatically force them into flowering? How much yield should I roughly expect from each clone??

    Thanks blades!! :hello:
  2. 1. As soon as there is enough plant for a clone plus at least one more node. At least 3 nodes on the plant should be enough. It's a good idea to leave two nodes on the plant to be safe.

    2. Depends how big they are and how well they're grown. A few socket CFL's won't produce clones nearly as fast as a 400w HID would on plants of the same height. One large tree might do it. Two 2-3' bushy mothers should as well.

    3. You'd have to clone & perform any vegging while other plants are flowering but yes, two months is enough time to get clones ready for flowering. Throwing rooted clones directly into flowering is called the Dutch Style Sea of Green method. A plant that responds well to it will grow into a bud on a stick with few fan leaves and little to no branching. Clones root in about two weeks, so you've got six weeks to veg with. That's plenty of time to top them a couple times, if you wanted to go that route. Yield depends on the strain & growing techniques, and I haven't grown that strain.
  3. LST the shit out of them
  4. Everything Jelly said... Plus

    You can easily get 40 clones from one plant. I'm able to get 48 off of one plant and I can do that every 4 weeks with clones to spare.

    Top your mom... I usually top somewhere around the 5th node and root the top. Sex the top (12/12). Make sure it's a female.

    After your new shoots come up on your mom and have a few nodes... top those shoots. When the new shoots come up and have a few nodes.. top those shoots. and so on

    By this point you should have clones all over the place. It will at some point become necessary to tie down branches to create room for light to penetrate through the thick top canopy of 50 shoots. As "thatsfornoobs" suggested.. LST(tie down branches)

    After they are rooted you can go ahead and transplant them into whatever medium you'll be growing in and either start flowering or veg. for a bit.

    Some plants are going to respond better to immediate flowering. Some varieties don't and end up as little dwarfs though you'd be surprised how much bud you can get off an 8" plant. (ounce+)

    Spend some time on these forums reading what you can. It's all pretty simple shit really. PM me and if i'm around i'll respond.. if i'm not i won't. GL to ya

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