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  1. I've got five clones I started about five days ago. I used rooting gel and have them in %100 vermiculite soaked in a low dose of thrive alive. This is my first attempt, so I have been going by guides.

    They seem to be getting along quite well. There is a little yellowing, but I read that I was to expect yellowing and that it is a sign of root growth. Curiosity overwhelmed me, so I pulled one clone out of its medium. I couldn't readily identify any new roots sprouting, but it didn't look rotten or unhealthy.

    I just stuck it back into the growing vermiculite. What I need to know is - should I have re-dipped it in rooting gel after pulling it out? Also, how important is a heating mat to cloing?
  2. Yeah five days is early man. A little yellowing might happen, but not much should really
    yellow, depending on how much leaf mass you let remain on your clone. Can we see a pic?

    A re-dip would have been ok but its fine man. Just let them be. I hope you have them
    in a humidity dome? Are they wilty at all?

    Also, keep them in low light conditions. I made the mistake of trying to root four
    clones under 4 t8 flouros recently and it took forever for them to root. My mistake!

    A humidity mat helps if your room is generally cold. Whats the temp and RH in there?

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  3. Sure! FUCK! I dropped my clone container whilst pulling it out to take a pic! ARRRRGGG!


    Yes, they are in a dome w/ %100 humidity. I open the container 4 - 5 times a day.

    The temps are in the 75 - 80 F range mostly staying at 77. The "room" they are in has two 24w(? low wattage) 6500k clfs.

    Low light conditions are favorable?

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  4. Wow you left a lot of leaf on those clones. Some should have been trimmed, in my
    opinion. Anyways, they look good. In a great dome too. Good work!

    Yeah clones need low-light conditions otherwise the plant spends all of its energy
    converting the light into carbohydrates and whatnot when it should be spending its
    energy popping roots. I think your lighting is going to be just fine.

    Trimming the leaves just leaves less leaf area for the plant to worry about spending
    energy on with transpiration, etc.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  5. Thanks for the response - so, let me get this right - if you were in my shoes at this moment, you would just leave it as it is and be patient, or trim some leaves and kill one of the lights :confused:
  6. leave the lights, any of the yellowing leaves that can even turn white at the tips can be trimmed. They will eventually drop off anyway. Keep it the way it is, your doing great.
  7. If I were you, I'd clip back the leaves just a little. The yellow shit is already dead now
    and wont ever recover. Otherwise, sit tight. :)

    Here is a photo of trimmed clones

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  8. Thanks guys! Will do!

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