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  1. Hello all, long time lurker, new poster trying to get the hang of things. I have been reading how to grow for about 6 months and still havent learned everything. Question is if I bought fem seeds and vegged a plant for a while, knowing full well its a female and took clones from it would they all be female. My instinct is telling me yes but I just want to make sure
  2. if you get 100% genetically enhanced female seeds, then yes they will all be female, or maybe a hermie on very very rare occasions. but it would be worth spending the extra money for the clones.
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    generally speaking all females....but the hermie issue does linger, rare but there.!!
    fem seeds are worth the extra $$.. I vegged 2atomic haze seeds(not feminized) made 2clones from one and 3 from the other, now having 7. Got too focused on my blue cheese seeds to find sex. So due to my own stupidity i vegged the 2moms to 3ft and 5clones til they were 1.2ft went to flower and ...WTF? all males...showed after day 8...Garbage, waste of the plants, nutrients, light, water, space,time, etc.....that learned me real quick...

    Be sure to know sex of a plant before keeping it around. Or buy FEM seeds.

    sorry for bitchin' i'm still bothered by my own stupidity...take notes.

    p.s. I was so mad that i took the Rest(8) of my haze seeds and germed them all...take that..
  4. believe me bro, i listen to everything. I always wanted to grow and always wanted to learn about clones and last night I finally started researching. Correct me if I am wrong but could you not keep the mother going and just keep on vegging clones...More mothers more clones? it could be endess...right?

  5. heck yes. If you have a Healthy mother plants the clones are endless. almost.

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