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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by overgrowray, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. Has anyone ever tried starting clones in pink fiberglass insulation, does anyone think it could work?
  2. There are chemical coatings in pink fiberglass that will kill clones, seedling, seeds, etc.
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  3. Don't do it...

  4. i didn't think it would work but i read it in a book at my cousins house, he got that 20 years ago, it's the only book he's used to grow by. But i don't know if he's ever had good clones, i'm guessing not. But, if i do get around to it i'm going to try, it won't cost anything, why not try it?
  5. No Density...and..
    Which book from 20 years ago? Most of the fiberglass insulation made at that time was sprayed with many different toxic chemicals(rat poisons)formaldahyde,and arsenic as well.

    Today it is still doused with poisons..for insect/mold control...Rockwool cubes are better,,and safer....that's why most of us use them.

  6. theres no way i can get Rockwool cubes so i'm up to trying anything. i have no idea what the book was called, but i think my cousin still has it so i'll try to get on over and see what it was.

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