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  1. Whatsup GC,

    K i am planning on doing a micro SOG perpetual type grow. I am growing 2 out from seed now, 1 hawaiin snow and 1 mazar, both are in seedling stage still.

    My question is how soon can I startt cloning or should i top them at some point to speed up node production. They still have a ways to go i know but just starting to try and plan the fastest way to take clones . the HS is fem but the mazar is not. Any advice would be appreciated

    I have been researching how to clone but am just uncertain as to how early you can do it. And it is correct that you need to take the cutting with at least 1 node above your cut. does this mean you need 2 leaves on the cut or can you get away with just a stem, node, and 1 leaf?

  2. I think it needs to be atleast 2 nodes down. And try trimming your leaves right after you clone so that the clone doesn't have to support all the extra leaves and can focus on re-rooting or it might die. And I'm pretty sure there isn't an exact time to take your clones. Just when you think your plant can handle. Please correct me if I'm wrong.:confused:
  3. best to wait til the plants are sexually mature(alternating nodes) around 2months old...theres a sticky in the advanced section about cloning you should read. It should answer any questions you may have about cloning.

  4. you got about a month of reading and re-searching before any of this takes place. try to find the grow bible, and just come on here everyday. people post the same 10 questions all the time and they get answered really good.

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