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Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by NHfree, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone and thanks for any and all help you can give me. I have a cloning bucket setup. I was wondering do I keep it turned on 24/7? I saw one video that said turn it on 15 minutes every 8 hours. Is this right?
  2. What kind of bucket cloner? DWC? Aero?
  3. I've never used a bucket cloner, but for my ebb & flow setup, I run it for 15 mins every 3 hours, w/ no problems whatsoever... If you go every 8hrs (esp. w/ hydroton), the roots will probably die. Hope this helps somehow lol
  4. Ignore above.... For a cloner, you want them to pretty much have\t a continuous spray. Also, high humidity with a dome.
  5. ive never used a dome with 100% success in aero never more than 15 days to root usually around 9 before transplant pumps always 24/7 on i change out the water every other day couple drops of superthrive in there and good to grow.
    as for bubble cloners some people clone in a cup of water so you really dont need the air pump on always but the extra oxygen in there will help speed things up also ive needed to use a dome on bubble cloner for at least first few days and that turns into always for me because im taking cuts every few days. aero all the way here

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