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  1. I think anyways. I took 11 cuttings (first picture) on the 7th of this month and placed them in plastic cups, I cut many small holes in the bottom of the cups for drainage. I placed them in a dome under 4 40 watt cool tubes the soil was mixed about 75% potting soil 25 % perlite. I thought I would have roots after about 10 days so I removed them from the dome and replaced them with some more cuttings (second picture). Today just to see how the roots were growing on my first batch, I discovered there are no roots in the three cups that I checked. Some how thou these plants have survived a constant 78-80 temp with no roots for 22 dys. They don't look the greatest but thier still alive, first picture. Shouldn't I be seeing roots by now? The soil has some nutes in so I haven't add any and I've been using RO water at 7.0 ph, I used a root hormone also. Can someone chime me in here and let me know what to do to get these precious girls going. AK47, Hashplant, Pot of Gold, and Super silver Haze clones. I good friend gave me 4 great looking mothers to clone from.:D
  2. a few of them look like they are burning. is that the same soil you used for the original plants??
  3. I agree Stylezz. I think the soil with the nutes is no good. Usually my clones take 2-3 weeks to get roots and I use Green Light Rooting Hormone (a powder). I think with the gel they root quicker. Hopefully your cuttings will make it. It is great that you have a cloning mother because if these clones don't take you can always cut some more.
  4. It's some potting soil with micro nutrients in it, I have my 4 mothers and 5 other plants in the flowering room using the same soil and they all look gorgeous, I have added nutes for them, Fox foarm grow and big bloom.

    I'm wondering if I'd have better luck just making a bubble cloner? Is 3 weeks without roots somwhat normal? Should I have kept them under the dome for longer than 10 days?
  5. the bubble bucket systyme works great for producing fast root action.
    i have used those same cups with gravel in the bottom inch-soil in the remainder.
    cut holes in the lid of a tupperware or rubbbermaid container to suspend cups over water IN container.
    add a few air pumps and bubble curtains from the local pet shop or box in storage.
    i used a submersable aquarium heater to sustain a constant temp in the container.
    add mild nutes and lots of o2 with the right light (mh or wide spec fluros)
    and i usually have root by day 10 or so ...... then they go to dirt or ive grown em out in the bucket..

    thats how I'VE done it in the past with great results ...... what works for you might not work for me though ... keep that in mind...good luck ... hapy growing

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