Cloning off clones yes or no?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Bud battalion, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. Hi guys im just wondering is it healthy to take clones off a mature clone itself?

    Will there be any downfalls like quality drop? If not can you turn a clone into a mother plant? Thanks guys

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  2. You can clone a clone for sure, a lot of people with limited grow space use this method. I have heard people saying they have gone as many times as 2o generations with no issuses. I will be cloning my clones as I have no room for mother plant.
  3. I always clone my clones. I keep a mother around for a while, but I always end up starting fresh with a new mother at some point.
  4. Wow did not think you could get 20 generations n yeah I have a mother atm but shes getting on her way now I just didn't wana be left with no mother lol turns out I dont need her lol

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    you should be fine. I tend to grow strains out for at least 5-10 generations before I get tired of it, but I've gone many more generations without issue before. The only time you could run into any issues, is if you have an unstable feminized strain, in my case I was growing rocklock from DNA genetics, after cloning clones for many generations I started getting consistant hermies, This however is the only case that's ever happened to me with.
  6. Awsome il work off my clones:) fullproof quality seeds are hard to come by where im from lol

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  7. Online seed banks will ship to almost anywhere, pretty discreet most of them. Expensive though after shipping and guarantee plus price per seed.

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