cloning my BlueCheese, some advice?

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  1. hey guys/gals,
    so I decided to try cloning and flowering a few limbs from my BC that I've been keeping as a house plant. I'm not using much except tap water (boiled, cuz chlorine(?)) and green light brand rooting hormone. i did two cuts yesterday using rockwool cubes and have kept them under one daylight spectrum cfl. i jerry-rigged a grow tent out of a tarp and an old camera tripod that seems to keep in the heat humidity and light. inside the tent i put a small fan because I thought the moving air would be better for the clones than just stagnant heat. also I got worried that the air would be to dry so i've added a half jar of boiling water hoping to seed the air with moisture. i gave the girls (yeah i'm sure) 18 hours of light and 6 off. I just turned the lights on for them and they look good, not busting roots yet but they don't seem to be in bad shape after a day in my care. Any observations or advice on this project would be cool. Thanks!!!
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    got home and found the girls craning themselves upwards towards the light. the bigger of the two even had like an 's' shape bend at the top. kinda neat, i took it as a sign that my tent is indeed hospitable and started two more clones. hopefully i'll have four healthy plants in a few days. which reminds me, I'll be planting in an organic soil when ready and wanted more info on nutrients for them. maybe another post would be appropriate but i'll try here first.
    I have Canna Coco A and B ([ame=] Canna COCO A+B - 5L Set: Patio, Lawn & Garden[/ame]) formula that i bought at a hydro shop a year or so back. never got around to the hydro project but would love to use this stuff if its possible. anyone ever try using hydo nutrients on a soil grow?/Coco A or B?/what would the water to formula ratio be?/just plain old 'how'? I also have something called daimond nectar and Rihizotonic/ useful for soil? thanks again.
  3. hey fuckers,
    so its the 3rd day and and i'm happy to report that the cuttings are looking great. I'm not seeing any wilting or discoloration so far. the plater that they are on is bone dry but the cubes are still a little heavy with water so i'll wait and splash em a bit before i go to bed in a few hours. I'll forgo asking if i ought to splash em or not since this post is from the response just a jerk-off post. oh well. time to stick a fork in this phase of my project. when I have them established in soil and trained a bit i'll post regarding the flowering stage which will be done using an LED panel. peace.
  4. that will be interesting love watching plants under LED's in flowering. Please follow up
  5. Definitely. i've been super curious about using LED's so i'm psyched about the next few weeks. I'll be sure to get some images up with the next post too.

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