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  1. So my last two batches of clones havent taken and im completely puzzeled. I tried an aero cloner from amazon and it failed miserably. I tried a aqua so now im going back to old fashion iust using starter cubed and these FAILED. NOW im puzzles as i never had a problem cloning in cubes before. Any suggestions? Maybe my mother plant is sick?

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  2. whats the strain as often its the strain is the issue

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  3. Some strains are tougher to clone then others. Why I'm not sure but I've seen it enough times to know it is true.
    Take lots of cuts and discard what is surplus. I've always way over taken and high graded the best of them to actually run.

    My Cloner sits in the garage with wild temp swings. End of summer when temps soar I'm lucky to get many at all from the 72 cuts I'll take. Winter is better but in the cold I'll need to run a mat heater under them and it has cooked them before. It is never easy.


    Current set. Only down 2 so far.

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  4. Dude STOP! STOP everything. Seriously. Take a deep breath because your problems are over. I made a post here a few months ago called "serial clone killer needs help" What I learned is STOP cloning the old way and go buy a cloning machine. Trust me, I just saved you tons of time and heartbreak. I'm going to be your favorite person of all time now for giving you this advice. It totally changed my growing life forever. GO BUY A CLONING MACHINE. BOOM! Done.

    Sorry didnt read you already bought a cloner. I'm a moron. If that didn't work you're doing something wrong with the machine. Water to hot or cold not waiting long enough for roots (sometimes more than two weeks. I'm the worst cloner of all time. The WORST. I kill them even with a heat mat and tigh right temps and humidity and everything else. With the machine I'm batting 95% The machine should work if you follow the instructions and don't get cute with it by putting clonex in there etc. If the machine doesn't work when you follow the instructions there's a genetic issue most likely.
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  5. Your PH is most likely to high,
    Use tap water PH 'ed to 6.0 .
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  6. There's more than one way to clone a plant. I plant my clones directly into a growing medium. I've used Mills Ultimate coco and cork in the past. Now, I clone right into used no-till medium. I cut the clone so it has a node near the bottom. I poke a hole in my medium to except the clones stem. I dip my clone in water and then a rooting hormone. Tap off the excess and plant. Be sure to gently press the medium around the stem of your clone. I use a 20 watt 2' fluorescent fixture as a light source and mist the clones daily. Misting hydrates the clone. It doesn't require a lot of light as we are trying to grow roots.
    I plant my clones in a clear solo cup so I can see root development. I drop that cup into a solid colored cup so the roots are not in direct light. HTH.
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  7. Aero cloning fail. Yeah your water temps are to high . You get stem rot. No roots .
    Get that water temp to 55 to 65f all times . Any hydro the water should be under 70f. Your Cubes yes they like warmer temps. Its not the ph or how to trimmed them or the strand or anything else . Its always water temps . Also you should only have weak lights above . A old school cfl bulb is perfect. I use a weak leds above pure purple in color nasty looking light . Rooting plants love it .
    When i say ph is not an issue . There should be zero nutrient in the water cloning so the ph does not matter at all. Your doner plants should look green heathy .
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  8. Wait you're not suppose to put clonex and clear res in it? I def did that

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  9. Thank you. Ok so im in fl and my house is at do i get my water to below 70?

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  10. Use rock wool cubes temps less of a concern .. Or pop bottles in the freezer . But it needs to be cold all the time . Is that your issue ? The stems get soft and slimy ?
  11. Theyre not soft but they had no roots after 2, weeks..not even a hint of roots

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  12. two weeks . Ok some do take three
  13. When i lived on the other side (east coast) of my country cloning was a piece of piss. I rained about 40% of the time and i would say usually60% humidity.I grew up there and learnt how to grow seedlings clones and full sized plants.
    Had up to 110 plants including clones at one stage where plant numbers like that get you 5 years jail.
    Anyway never had a problem, as the local hydro owner taught me a lot, also became available, which is now dead and they went to jail.

    Anyway since i moved into a remote desert, i have not been able to get any clones to develop roots. Not in home made bubble cloners, aero cloners or even rockwlool or even jiffy coco pellets.
    I used to as a second job make hydro sysytems and aerocloners as well as bubble cloners- full kits with water heaters and temp controls, light proof sides tops and bottoms...Windows to check if roots had formeD..That was when i lived in my states capital city.
    Now none of my designs or methods work in the desert.. I have to just rely on seeds.which work 80% of the time.

    My friend here gets clones working after about 4-5 weeks waiting but doesn't aerate the feeding water solution at the bottom or anything regular cloners do..Somehow none of his clones get infections.
    He just uses good brand rockwool such as Grodan, leaves them under a 130 watt cfl about 50-60 cm away and teh roots pop out weeks later.

    In my old city --roots would pop out of my old design heated water aero- cloner in 5-6 days.everythime of year.
  14. Get a good clone machine like EZ clone and follow instructions. Make sure PH is 5.7 to 6.2 Use clone gel and clone tank solution also aqua shield and your good to go. I also have a hydroponic air pump and a large air stone in the tank. I am considered in my circle of buddies to be the clone master. I never fail and always have a full return on a 120 site machine. I probably lose 1 to 5 plants at the most and usually yield 110 to 118 healthy clones every time.
  15. Keep in mind. Heat is your enemy so if need be cool the room.

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